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Case Study Wismar Seehafen

Stormwater treatment,Stormwater treatment
Case Study Wismar Seehafen
Case Study Wismar Seehafen


Seehafen Wismar GmbH
Kopenhagener Straße 3, 23966 Wismar


Ingenieur Consult Häcker & KrauS GmbH
Lübsche Str. 179, 23966 Wismar

Building company:

Tief- u. Straßenbau Schwerin GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 10, 19061 Schwenn

Seehafen Wismar

Stormwater treatment made easy

The southernmost German Baltic port “Seehafen Wismar” is an important location for the flows of goods in the Baltic Sea, Germany and the whole of Europe. Comprehensive transshipment and load areas as well as multifunctional areas have the greatest importance. For this reason, an area rehabilitation was carried out at Seehafen Wismar in 2017 to create usable open spaces and parking areas for trucks. As part of this area rehabilitation, the responsible water authority and the operator set the requirements of stormwater treatment. As a solution for this challenge, the responsible engineering office decided to use two SediPipe XL systems to clean the accruing stormwater from pollution before it is led into the sewer and later into the Baltic Sea.

The operating principle of the SediPipe systems by FRÄNKISCHE is based on the flow separator technology. Accruing sediments will first be filtered from the stormwater running through thanks to the integrated flow separator. Moreover, the immersion wall in the target shaft of the system retains pollutants such as oil. Also heavily polluted stormwater as caused by intensive truck usage can be led into the sewer system after treatment. The SediPipe XL systems met all the requirements at the site of Seehafen Wismar. Thanks to the parallel arrangement of the systems, it was possible to connect the parking area to be drained. Moreover, by using SediPipe XL 600/24, the installation depth of the treatment systems could be reduced significantly. Another advantage regarding the installation was the low weight of the system: The building company was able to install the SediPipe products without any large lifting tools. The dimensioning of the system was done according to the DWA-M 153 set of rules.

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