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Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles

Fluid systems
Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes (FIP), the globally operating development partner of OEMs and tier 1 suppliers, has played a significant role in the electro mobility for years. Their broad range of medium-conducting systems, corrugated conduits and protective hoses also includes efficient systems for battery temperature conditioning. The Lithium-ion batteries, used in electro mobility, boast an efficiency under 100% - the rest is emitted as heat. Those highly sensitive batteries do not tolerate very high or low temperatures. Their service life very much depends on a constant operating temperature between +15 °C and +35 °C. This means that batteries require appropriate cooling or heating in order to avoid performance decrease or damage.
FIP develops and manufactures battery temperature control systems according to customers' requirements, ideally matching the battery and efficiently ensuring long service life of batteries in electric vehicles. The structural components of the system are weight-saving, flexible as well as modular in various installation situations and are adapted to meet the demands of the OEM. Compared to rubber or metal solutions the system by FIP has better performances in terms of impact resistance and flexural strength and their structural design makes them light-weight. It prevents corrosion and is easy to assemble. It has lower sensitivity to hydrolysis and features good mechanical properties attributed to the use of polyamide. Even complex geometries can be produced with the flexibility available. Space-optimized connectors and various connector systems with integrated temperature sensors complement the prod-uct portfolio of the ducting system.