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The cleaning system for the profi-air® pipe system

SaWi cleaning set for profi-air®

Along with proper planning and sound, standard-compliant installation, it is the intended operation as well as regular filter exchange that provide a durable, clean and hygienically impeccable system. For this reason, it is normally enough to check the duct network for the necessity to carry out cleaning after 5–10 years.

If cleaning is required, FRÄNKISCHE in cooperation with Fielers & Danilov Dynamic Solutions (FD-DS) has developed a simple and delicate cleaning system that is perfectly suited for the profi-air components. The cleaning process is based on the established household principle – first vacuuming, then wiping.

The simple concept to ensure more hygiene in heat recovery ventilation: Our SaWi cleaning set for profi-air!

We have developed the first ever system based on the smart vacuum-and-wipe concept.
It is perfectly suited for our profi-air components, easy to use and absolutely gentle on the system.

Michael Hümpfner, Head of Product Management


First vacuuming, then wiping – SaWi

Step 1: Vacuuming

Vacuum intake of the pull unit in order to remove loose and coarse contamination.

Step 2: Wiping

Thorough cleaning of the pipe in order to wipe off fine particles.

Efficient and delicate cleaning of pipes

If dirt enters the system in individual cases, the pipe system requires gentle yet effective cleaning. To this end, FRÄNKISCHE and its cooperation partner Fielers & Danilov Dynamic Solutions have developed the first ever cleaning solution that is based on the vacuum-and-wipe concept.

Perfect cleaning results with SaWi

Advantages of SaWi

The SaWi cleaning set for profi-air classic stands out against conventional brush and compressed air systems due to its substantial cleaning performance, suitability for small nominal pipe diameters of 63 and 75, as well as for long segments of up to 15 metres. Besides, the vacuuming and wiping solution easily gets through fittings.

Various sets and accessories

The cleaning set is available for the profi-air classic pipes in nominal diameters of 63 and 75.
You can find the overview of various sets and individual components in the profi-air price catalogue or main catalogue.

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