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Diversity meets Technology

We develop, design, manufacture and sell intelligent systems

Manufacturing tubing designs made of extrudable plastic, monofile/multifile yarns and hoses in different geometries are our specialty. What makes us so special is that we are familiar with the possible applications of corrugated and smooth
tubing systems (with up to 5 layers) or braided and knitted hoses. Our technologies also include blow molding, knitting, thermoforming and assembling. Our in-house machine & tooling design, process engineering and process technology make sure that we are always one step ahead of our competitors. We incorporate various specifications to form one individual product. This then exactly meets the requirements which represent the ideal and individually tailored solution of this task.

There are no standard solutions if you work like we do. However, sometimes a standard product can be derived from an individual solution which can then be reproduced and offered to a larger number of customers. This catalogue includes such products. It is obvious that the solutions provided by these products are highly individual, too. Most of our experience in this regard comes from the following industries: automotive and auto components industry, utility vehicles industry, home appliance industry, machinery engineering, medical and sanitary technology, building technology, renewable energies. It would be a pity if we did not use that specific knowledge in a more general way.

Our solution systems are made of different materials such as PE, PP, PA6, PA66, PA610, PA612, PA11, PA12, PVDF TPE, ETFE, MFA, PFA, PEEK and derivatives, depending on the expected influences and stresses,