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This is FRÄNKISCHE Electrical Systems.


This was the milestone in plastic conduit production – the first continuously extruded corrugated plastic conduit. An innovation that was unparalleled in 1959. The starting signal for a success story in electrical installation. Constantly further developed, improved, and adapted to meet market needs. From the product to well thought-out systems. The pioneer for so many other innovations from FRÄNKISCHE Electrical Systems. An invention that we are still proud of today. Invented to match the zeitgeist – with the feeling that our developments of today will be a fit for the future.

Generations of Genius


Technology is our driver: We want to know how to do it better, faster, and easier, and want to make our contribution to the history of electrical installation – each and every day. This is why we continue working on ourselves and on the very special strengths making the FRÄNKISCHE brand so successful on the market for generations. Since the foundation of the enterprise, we have been following the developments of this industry and have been making technological history time and again.

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