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This is not a sealing.


This is the seal that lives up to its promise. A barrier that is sure to keep out gas and pressurised water. For a safe building seal. With matching components for the building lead-through of electrical supply lines. Particularly pressure-resistant and robust. Installed in a system with verified tightness. Protection against (another) underestimated danger: radon. For the absolute safety of your home.

Gas-tight and water pressure-tight building lead-through


Cable network operators specify stringent regulations for building lead-throughs regarding connections to the low voltage system, and demand standard-compliant systems for building penetrations. Our Kabuflex system secures the gas-tight and water pressure-tight building lead-through of supply lines such as power and communication cables. The components – the Kabuflex R plus type 750 conduit, the Kabu-IN DD and Kabu-Seal internal seal or the wall collar set – have been designed to perfectly match each other.

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