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FFKu-ReMo click

FFKu-ReMo click


FFKu-ReMo click is a light duty corrugated conduit made of polyolefin with low friction inner surface, patented clamp geometry for reliably securing it on the ReMo click rail, in signal blue (RAL 5005), non-flame propagating, with an increased compressive strength of 500 N/5 cm.
This corrugated plastic conduit is used for the remodelling, renovation and modernisation as well as for the installation in prefabricated constructions or on sweat train.

Advantages are the creation and completion of infrastructure on the exterior facade of buildings in the course of reorganization measures.

The basic concept is very simple: The low friction conduit will be engaged on the already fixated ReMo click rail, which is self-adhesively liable on almost all surfaces (please adhesive notes in the instructions).
The ReMo click rail can be glued to the surface.



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