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Triple strength in construction engineering

Nowadays, FRÄNKISCHE offers a broad range of system solutions and products. Along with complex issues, such as stormwater management, the array of our products also encompasses new technologies and sustainable material such as the eco-balanced conduits co2ntrol or the tried-and-tested alpex brand for drinking water installations, gas installations and heating installations.

Whenever it is about reliable and sustainable construction engineering solutions, the innovative products and systems from our ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS DIVISION, our DRAINAGE SYSTEMS DIVISION and our BUILDING TECHNOLOGY DIVISION are part of it.



The applications of FRÄNKISCHE pipe systems are truly versatile. Just as the different, demanding and dynamic needs of customers, markets and partners that the family enterprise faces every day. In order to sustainably maintain the high quality level in all areas throughout generations, FRÄNKISCHE constantly strives to develop innovative products, concepts and systems.

Three divisions – one hallmark: The BAU division stands for solid solution competence, variety, power of innovation, and a great deal of understanding of markets and people.