Drinking water and heating installations

alpex: drinking water and heating installation system

Opt for FRÄNKISCHE alpex to be on the safe side with your drinking water and heating installations. The individual components of our alpex product family perfectly match each other thus producing an entirely safe and reliable system.

We develop our products with great farsightedness and with a focus on practical relevance as far as the technical possibilities and the materials used are concerned – simply building technology from the expert!

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  • Durability
  • Hygienically sound
  • Superior material quality
  • Wide range of products
  • System compatibility
  • Incrustation-free
  • Compliance with German environment agency / Drinking water ordinance

alpex F50 PROFI® multilayer composite pipe

The various alpex F50 PROFI composite pipe designs are of utmost quality, flexible and practice-oriented, with internally cross-linked materials and a butt-welded aluminium core (PE-X/AL/PE-HD) for drinking water and heating installations. A combination that ensures ideal processing and superior operational reliability. Whether as flexible coiled pipes, stable straight lengths, pre-insulated multilayer composite pipes, or pipes with protective sheathing - the installation is easy and time-saving!

alpex F50 PROFI® fittings

alpex F50 PROFI fittings provide the specialists with a suitable solution for every installation situation. The ingenious fitting design and comprehensive selection in dimensions between 13 and 32 mm ensure the highest flexibility of processing options in drinking water and heating installations.


alpex L multilayer composite pipe

The high-quality multilayer composite pipe consists of a cross-linked polyethylene inner surface, a butt-welded aluminium core, and a heat-stabilised polyethylene outer pipe. The three layers are joined with a special adhesion agent to form a single durable product.

alpex L fittings

The alpex L fittings are made of high-performance PPSU or dezincification-resistant brass and are equipped with pre-assembled stainless steel sleeves. The four dimensions between 40 and 75 mm can be pressed quickly and easily using the alpex press jaw with F-contour.


alpex-plus® fittings

The base body of the alpex-plus fittings is made of high-performance PPSU (polyphenylsulfone), a material which has been tested in space and offers extremely good impact strength while being entirely non-toxic. Threaded adaptors and screw fittings with base bodies made of dezincification-resistant brass complete the product range. FRÄNKISCHE uses stainless steel for the sleeve and the fastening element, which makes the alpex-plus fittings particularly suited for heavy-duty applications. Reduced installation time through innovative push-fit technology, slim design and, in addition, full compatibility with the proven alpex F50 PROFI system for drinking water and heating installations.


alpex-duo® XS / turatec multi - multilayer composite pipe

alpex-duo XS and turatec multi are multilayer composite pipes made of superior materials – the inner pipe is made of either cross-linked (PE-X) or non-cross-linked polyethylene (PE-RT) as needed, the core is made of flexible aluminium and the outer pipe is made of heat-stabilised polyethylene (PE). Whether used in potable water or heating systems, multilayer pipes for the alpex-duo system in sizes ranging from 16 to 32 mm in diameter are always the right choice.

alpex-duo® fittings

A comprehensive range of fittings ensures a quick and safe installation in domestic buildings and completes the system. All system components are available in the dimensions 16 – 32mm.