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Harvesting/fire water storage


Water – particularly drinking water – is a priceless resource which should be treated responsibly and used sparingly. When drinking water quality is not imperative, it makes sense to use stormwater instead. Stormwater harvesting ranges from irrigation of greens to large-scale utilisation, e.g. for car washes.

RigoCollect® system – fire water storage

The benefits and flexibility of RigoCollect are of particular advantage for fire water storage. No matter if the tank must have a shallow design due to high groundwater levels, tapping at different points on the property needs to be facilitated using a stretched tank or, when building around existing structures, just a small part of the parking lot featuring the buried tank may be worked on so that the operation of the building is not interrupted: All that can be easily done using RigoCollect. Plastic is an ideal material for reliable long-term storage of fire water, since it is corrosion-free and ageing resistant.


  • DIN-compliant
  • Guarantee according to VOB
  • Complete system from one source
  • Ideal inspectability when filled

High-performance shaft for smart stor-age/infiltration systems

Quadro®Lift pump shaft for stormwater harvesting

QuadroLift, the new system shaft with a removable high-performance pump, allows the use of stored stormwater from RigoCollect storage/infiltration cisterns, for example, for the irrigation of gardens or green roofs. Optionally equipped with an intelligent control system, QuadroLift discharges storage tanks in a controlled way in case of heavy rain forecasts and thus prevents flooding. It supports the natural water cycle on the property and thus helps to return stormwater to the environment in a natural way.


Quadro®Lift with smart control

The optionally integrated control system that enables optimised predictive storage management based on weather forecasts opens up new possibilities:

If heavy rainfalls are predicted that exceed the available retention volume of infiltration or retention, the pump shaft will empty the cistern in a controlled manner. This creates additional volume and counteracts sewer system overloads or flooding. QuadroLift can transport the stormwater from the cistern into the downstream storage/infiltration system long before the rain starts, or discharge it in a controlled way. This adds free volume and reduces total runoff into the sewer, helping to restore the natural water balance. Intelligent irrigation systems can also be connected to the control system and enable automated irrigation of greens throughout the summer.

Quadro®Lift with basic control

Excess and treated stormwater is collected in the underground RigoCollect cistern. The QuadroLift pump shaft, which can be integrated into the Rigofill modular block type structure, allows the use of excess stormwater on the surface during dry weather – for example, to irrigate parks, districts or green roofs. There, the stormwater can evaporate and return to the natural cycle.

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