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Electrical installations for industrial applications

FIPSYSTEMS – industrial cable protection

Various demands are placed on conduits depending on the respective application. Most of the times, these are about protection against external influences. Cable protection protects against mechanical and chemical influences, moisture, heat and cold, abrasion, impact, and noise – a sheer endless number of applications not least including robotics, telecommunications, and electronics in general. True to this importance of conduits, FRÄNKISCHE has repositioned its range of products for efficient cable protection.

The new FIPSYSTEMS product range of FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes GmbH & Co. KG offers a straightforward, transparent and highest-quality selection of cable protection components. This includes FIPLOCK and FIPHEAT corrugated conduits, FIPLOCK ONE threaded connectors, and FIPMETAL metal cable ducts as well as matching accessories.

High-quality FIPSYSTEMS corrugated conduits

In the future, FRÄNKISCHE will offer two high-quality corrugated conduits from the FIPLOCK product line: FPANF – made of polyamide (PA) 6 –, FPPSF-U – UV-resistant for 20 years –, and FTPS – highly temperature-resistant – from the FIPHEAT product line. FPANF is UL-approved which is established internationally and a mandatory requirement for exports to North America.

FIPLOCK ONE: one threaded connector for all applications

The FIPLOCK ONE corrugated conduit connection is new to the range of cable protection products. The robust connector covers all protection classes from IP 66 to the highest protection class IP 69 and therefore replaces all previous threaded connectors. All threaded connectors are UL-approved, halogen-free and UV-resistant for up to 40 years.

One threaded connector for all FIPMETAL conduits

FRÄNKISCHE will now pool all metal cable ducts in the FIPMETAL product line. Here, MC-GAAR, MC-DMA-PVC, and the UL-approved cable duct MC-DMC-PVC cover the requirements in electrical installations. One threaded connector, combined with the corresponding sealing ring, matches all three types of pipe.

Retrofit protection

Years of exposure to UV radiation or weather take a lot out of unprotected cables and wires: they do not just change their colour but become brittle and flawed. This compromises the reliability as well as the function of the entire electrical installation.

You can protect existing installations from UV radiation and mechanical influences using Co-flex retrofit installations.


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