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Broadband expansion

Broadband expansion of the future

Working from home, smart home applications, TV, talking on the phone, and surfing:
the internet is an inherent part of our lives. Powerful broadband connections are in more demand than ever.

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Directive 2014/61/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council

  • All new buildings or buildings undergoing extensive renovations must be equipped with physical infrastructures which allow the end users to connect to high-speed networks.
  • Electrical conduits and micro conduits are physical infrastructure components.
  • Far-sighted planning, e.g., by including electrical or micro conduits, reduces costs for later expansion of highspeed networks.

Infrastructure for data lines

Network level 3 (access network)
Network level 3 (access network)

The access network ends at the house interconnection point.

Network level 4 (house network)
Network level 4 (house network)

The house network connects the access network with the respective apartments and thus the end customer.
FRÄNKISCHE offers micro conduits and electrical conduits both for glass fibre and copper solutions (example: FFKu-Fibre net M and FFKu-Smart net) for this purpose.

Network level 5 (apartment network)
Network level 5 (apartment network)

The apartment network serves the data outlets in the apartment. This is where many Wi-Fi devices are located.
However, for the best possible performance, smart TV, video game console, and desktop computer should have LAN connections. Using a conduit system, a sustainable physical infrastructure can be built, for instance, with FFKu-Smart net.

Data installation

  • Innovative solutions for broadband expansion at NL 4 and NL 5
  • Easy future expansion due to the physical, passive network infrastructure
  • Quick installation due to complete systems with corresponding accessories
  • Standard-compliant according to ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 61386-22

Fibre net – unique solutions for the future

The Fibre net system allows for a future-oriented and resilient physical infrastructure for different planning dimensions which is also suited for retrofitting glass fibre lines:

  • Superior blow-in performance
  • Optimised 250-m coil for convenient transportation
  • Metre markings allow easy cutting and measuring of conduit lengths
  • Range of products for all common project sizes
  • For many different types of installation (concealed, in conduits, on cable routes, etc.)
  • Option of immediate commissioning or reliable sealing for later uses
  • Corrugated and micro conduits in proven FRÄNKISCHE quality from one source