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For infiltration systems to work in a sustainable and reliable way, dirt entry must be prevented. With RigoClean, we offer an ideal solution.

Rigo®Clean – treatment shaft

The RigoClean treatment shaft with integrated strainer protects the storage/infiltration system and retains coarse dirt and fine particles, and thus guarantees the functionality of the storage/infiltration system. In addition, it retains floatables and light liquids. RigoClean is suitable for infiltration of rooftop runoff or slightly polluted runoff from paved surfaces. The space-saving treatment shaft can also be used as a pretreatment step upstream of SediPipe or SediSubstrator.

RigoClean with upper inlet
Also fulfils the purpose of a road gully. The dirt hopper retains coarse particles and admits the wastewater into the first chamber.

RigoClean with lateral inlet
Is installed directly upstream of the storage/infiltration system. It is fed through conventional road gullies, gullies in courtyards or from rooftops.

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