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Radiant heating/cooling, radiator connection

Radiant heating/cooling, radiator connection

Composite and solid plastic pipes for radiant heating, radiant cooling and radiator connection have a tradition of many decades. We provide you with high-quality and flexible pipes tailored to your needs and the situation at the construction site which meet all the requirements in terms of installation-friendliness, quality and operational reliability.

Our flexible pipes are perfectly suited for underfloor heating, panel heating, radiant cooling and radiator connection. Our products can be installed using threaded connectors (all dimensions) and proven press fittings and push-fit fittings (dimensions 16 and 20 only).

ff-therm® multi Difustop PE-Xa solid plastic pipes

The ff-therm multi Difustop pipe made of PE-Xa is extremely reliable. The special salt bath cross-linking results in a cross-linking degree of over 75 %. Special ageing stabilisers keep the pipe permanently supple and ensure high thermal resilience. The ff-therm multi Difustop PE-Xa solid plastic pipe is predominantly used for the installation of underfloor heating systems and is easy to install thanks to its flexibility.

ff-therm® multi Difustop PE-RT solid plastic pipes

The ff-therm multi Difustop pipe made of PE-RT is especially suited for heating applications. Its unique molecule structure provides the cross-linked PE-RT heating pipe with high resilience and it is also very fatigue-resistant and stress crack-resistant. The ff-therm multi Difustop PE-RT solid plastic pipe is predominantly used for the installation of underfloor heating systems and is easy to install thanks to its flexibility.

alpex-duo® XS / turatec multi® - multilayer composite pipe system

alpex-duo XS / turatec multi - multilayer composite pipe

alpex-duo XS and turatec multi are multilayer composite pipes made of superior materials – the inner pipe is made of either cross-linked (PE-X) or non-cross-linked polyethylene (PE-RT) as needed, the core is made of flexible aluminium and the outer pipe is made of heat-stabilised polyethylene (PE). Whether used in potable water or heating systems, multilayer pipes for the alpex-duo system in sizes ranging from 16 to 32 mm in diameter are always the right choice.

alpex-duo XS fittings

alpex-duo XS fittings provide specialists with a suitable solution for every installation situation. The flow-optimised fitting feature a leak function and is manufactured from high-performance PPSU plastic or dezincification-resistant lead-free brass. All system components are available in dimensions between 16 and 32 mm and ensure easy, secure and future-proof installation.

ff-therm® multi ML 5 - Difustop - plastic pipe

A special extrusion process allows for the ff-therm ML5 Difustop pipe to be produced in a single step, whereby a special adhesive layer is used to permanently and reliably bond the inner PE-Xb and the outer PE layer to the core EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier layer. Due to the manufacturing process and thanks to their properties ff-therm ML5 Difustop pipes are highly resistant to deformation and various types of stresses. Special anti-ageing agents and stabilisers keep the pipes permanently malleable and ensure high thermal stability.

profitherm® AL - multi-layer composite pipe

This multilayer composite pipe system, is specifically optimized for radiant heating and cooling applications, contains an extremely thin aluminium layer that meets all requirements in terms of stability. The flexible profitherm AL multilayer composite pipe can be easily used in any radiant heating installation and guarantees reliable operation. The inside and outside layers of the pipe are made of polyethylene of raised temperature resistance (PE-RT) and the inner core layer is made of butt-welded aluminium (PE-RT/AL/PE-RT). These three layers are permanently bonded together with a special adhesive – designed for highest demands, excellent reliability and extreme durability.

alpex F50 PROFI® multilayer composite pipe

The various alpex F50 PROFI composite pipe designs are of utmost quality, flexible and practice-oriented, with internally cross-linked materials and a butt-welded aluminium core (PE-X/AL/PE-RT) for drinking water and heating installations. A combination that ensures ideal processing and superior operational reliability. Whether as flexible coiled pipes, stable straight lengths, pre-insulated multilayer composite pipes, or pipes with protective sheathing - the installation is easy and time-saving!



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