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Gardening and landscaping

Basics gardening and landscaping

What is essential is invisible to the eye
If parks do not turn into swamps after heavy rainfall events, if young trees do not die of thirst although there is little unpaved surface left, if sports fields remain playable during bad weather and if greens in urban areas remain green even during persistent heat waves, this is not a coincidence. The products that are used are invisible but still work underground and make sure that the ideas and work of creators in the fields of gardening, landscaping and sports field construction survive as intended.

Trees improve the quality of life
Trees in private and public spaces make a major contribution to the urban character. We all know their varied beneficial effects as noise reducers, climate regulators, oxygen producers and dust filters. However, trees can only fulfil these functions if their growth needs regarding water, nutrient supply, soil-air balance and climate are fulfilled permanently.

Impermeable surfaces and heavy compaction of the adjacent undeveloped areas frequently lead to trees not being sufficiently supplied when they take root. There is no sufficient supply with air, water or fertiliser. We need to counter these negative influences to preserve old tree populations and support the growth of new plantings from the beginning.

Why is drainage so important for sports fields?
Wear-resistant sports fields that can be used throughout the year are a precondition for any type of sport. This renders drainage systems imperative for outdoor facilities almost all the time. By regulating the hydrologic balance, drainage contributes to the long-term preservation and usability of sports fields.

Healthy trees for healthy urban climate

Trees are a decisive factor for healthy urban climate and therefore require appropriate care. In large cities, several trees planted along avenues or single ones on green spaces help cool down the surrounding air through evaporation. In addition to this, trees produce oxygen, filter dust and CO2 from the air, reduce noise and make the cityscape more attractive. These positive effects significantly enhance the quality of living in urban areas. Yet, to make sure that the trees fulfil their task, they need to be supplied with sufficient amount of water and nutrients, and the soil-air composition as well as climatic conditions must correspond to their growth requirements.

Trees face particular challenges in urban areas. They often suffer from insufficient root zone due to heavily compacted soil, from water and nutrient scarcity, pollutants in the air and soil, or acid rain. These factors have a negative impact on the health of trees. For this reason, proper care is required in order to ensure their long life.

They improve the climate and increase the quality of living in urban areas: Trees are an integral part of modern, green cityscape.


The tree ventilation and irrigation set ensures healthy growth of trees also in the urban environment. Thanks to this set, the root zone of the tree receives enough water and fresh air, gases are removed, and targeted supply of nutrients and fertilisers is ensured.

Tree preservation set – fresh air for the roots

The set – comprising of tree preservation pipe, tee, Walu end cap and Walu anchors – creates the best possible living conditions for local trees. The green pipe with increased all-over perforation area for air and water offers optimum air exchange. High flexibility of the plastic pipe also allows installation with narrow bend radii in the root zone under the throughfall. The tee joins the ends and connects the loop pipe to the surface by means of an additional pipe piece.

The above-soil cover is formed by the Walu end cap. The retractable and lockable cover allows easy watering and nutrient supply of the tree. Additionally, the roots are permanently supplied with oxygen through small openings in the cover.

The set also includes Walu anchors that ensure stability during installation and, when installed, prevent the Walu end cap from pulling out. The anchors stabilise the cover element especially if the root zone is filled with loose material such as soil, gravel, sand or grit.

The tree ventilation and irrigation set helps counteract the effects of climate change in urban areas.

Installation instructions for tree ventilation and irrigation set

Ideal ventilation in three steps

1. The totally perforated tree preservation pipe is installed as a loop in the root zone under the throughfall and connects to the tee.

2. An additional pipe section provides connection between the loop and the surface.

3. The Walu end cap that is flush with the surface serves as upper end.

Standards and guidelines

Various standards apply in gardening, landscaping and sports field construction depending on the application.

DIN 1185 (December 1973)"Drainage; Control of Sub-Surface Water Management by Drainage with Pipes, Open-Ditch Drainage and Amelioration".
DIN 1185 comprises five parts and applies to procedures controlling sub-surface water management of agricultural surfaces by drainage.

DIN 18035-3 "Sports grounds - Part 3: Drainage"
This standard for sports ground drainage describes the requirements for professional surface and general drainage. DIN 18035-3 includes all types of sports and recreational grounds, where games such as soccer, American football, hockey, tennis, etc. are played.

"Sports ground construction and preservation" (Sportplatzbau und -erhaltung) by the German Soccer Association
This brochure includes additional, comprehensive information regarding professional drainage of sports fields in addition to DIN 18035-3.


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