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Heat recovery ventilation (MVHR)

profi-air®: heat recovery ventilation MVHR

Heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) is far more than just creating a sound room climate. Since healthy ventilation of a building ensures stable value of the entire property: heat recovery ventilation maintains the structural fabric and therefore the resale value of the building by preventing humidity-related

damage and mould growth. At the same time, heat recovery ventilation reduces heating requirements since less energy escapes through manual airing. Filtered air adjusted to a pleasant temperature ensures a healthy and comfortable climate in all rooms.

Advantages of profi-air®

Building protection

Building protection

Energy savings/ Increased energy efficiency

Energy savings/ Increased energy efficiency

Climate of well-being

Climate of well-being

Health protection

Health protection



Increase in value

Increase in value

Proven pipe systems for heat recovery ventilation (MVHR)

profi-air® pipe system for heat recovery ventilation

profi-air is our complete system for heat recovery ventilation and it is suited for all installation situations in both new and existing buildings. Due to the flow-optimised inner surface of the profi-air ventilation pipes, the air flows through the ventilation system with particularly little noise and resistance, which significantly reduces the total energy requirement. In addition, antistatic and antibacterial agents make the products absolutely sterile.


profi-air® classic ventilation pipe

The profi-air classic ventilation pipe is ideal for installation in bare concrete. Thanks to its flexibility, no additional fittings are required even with very narrow bend radii. Depending on the dimensions, the profi-air classic round pipe is also suitable for installation in walls and ceilings.

profi-air® tunnel ventilation pipe

Thanks to its extremely low installation height of only 52 mm, the profi-air tunnel ventilation pipe is ideally suited for installation on bare concrete. The flat pipe can also be perfectly installed in a wall or on the ceiling.



profi-air® flat manifold

The profi-air flat manifold 6-fold for heat recovery ventilation allows installation in a great variety of situations. The plastic manifold is a product for each application and installation situation, even for concrete construction.
More details: profi-air flat manifold

Efficient ventilation units for heat recovery ventilation (MVHR)

Our range of ventilation products also includes suitable ventilation units for any application – be it an old building, a passive house or an apartment.

profi-air 130 flat

Available from the end of the 1st quarter of 2024!

The profi-air 130 flat ventilation unit is particularly suitable for smaller apartments up to 130 m². Its flexibility is particularly impressive: It can be mounted vertically and horizontally on walls or ceilings.

profi-air 180 flat

The profi-air 180 flat unit, as the name suggests, boasts a flat and compact design. Installation on the ceiling saves a lot of space.

profi-air 250/360 flex

Our profi-air 250/360 flex all-rounders are extremely user-friendly. The manual air volume control via a free app on your smartphone or tablet is easy and convenient.


starline® - exclusive design grills for heat recovery ventilation (MVHR)

The exquisite design grills set the right highlight and provide a perfect “finish” for heat recovery ventilation. A total of 39 variants of the starline design grills fit perfectly with any living concept. Due to their modern yet timeless colours, the ventilation grills made of glass and metal blend harmoniously with the living environment or act as a striking accessory. The starline collection offers a suitable ventilation grill for any interior style and any room.

The starline ventilation grills are both stylish and easy to install. Specialists only need three simple steps to install the grills without the use of tools – the easy and time-saving installation will convince you. Due to their magnetic fixing, the starline design grills can be flexibly exchanged and adapted to a new interior design idea. Thanks to the sophisticated profi-air range, the ventilation unit, the piping system and the ventilation grill form a true single-source concept in terms of quality and functionality.

Good air with heat recovery ventilation (MVHR)

We spend about half of the day in our own home. The room climate is an important factor for us to feel truly comfortable at home: Firstly, fresh air rich in oxygen positively affects our health; and secondly, regular air exchange prevents the spread of pathogens. And that because ventilation helps to keep the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the ambient air at a low level.

Yet, manual airing requires action of the residents – not everyone though has enough time or remembers to regularly air all rooms in a sufficient manner.

Heat recovery ventilation combines a number of advantages: It performs constant air exchange in the entire house or apartment autonomously. Used room air is automatically replaced with fresh outside air. During this process, the outside air is filtered to make sure that no pollutants, pollen or viruses enter the living quarters.

Find out more: MVHR systems: No chance for viruses and bacteria

SaWi cleaning set for profi-air®

If dirt enters the system in individual cases, the pipe system requires gentle yet effective cleaning. To this end, FRÄNKISCHE and its cooperation partner Fielers & Danilov Dynamic Solutions have developed the first ever cleaning solution that is based on the vacuum-and-wipe concept.

Watch more details and application video >

  • For fast, professional and efficient cleaning of profi-air classic ventilation pipes NW 63 / 75
  • New way of cleaning in 2 steps: vacuuming/wiping
  • Disinfection options
  • Various sets available, depending on the application

Software / Apps

Easy control of your own home ventilation
Easy control of your own home ventilation
Learn more

With the help of the profi-air cockpit app, owners of ventilation systems can easily control their FRÄNKISCHE devices themselves.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Learn more

We offer free technical product data of our pipe systems for ventilation, drinking water and heating for Building Information Modeling (BIM).



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