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Infiltration – giving back to nature

In highly developed industrial countries, the increase in impervious surfaces is one reason for high water, polluted groundwater and floods. Among others, new settlement areas, roads and industrial areas prevent infiltration of stormwater into the soil. The natural water cycle is therefore interrupted and must be re-established in an artificial way.

With our system solutions, we contribute to infiltrating accumulating stormwater and discharging it again into the natural water cycle. Stormwater and surface water are not wastewater. If possible, stormwater and surface water should not be diverted into the sewer system. Decentralised infiltration through underdrained swale systems, pipe swales and storage/infiltration systems returns the water to where it belongs – into the natural water cycle.

  • Storage/infiltration systems considerably increase the storage volume. High-performance storage/infiltration systems can be installed even in confined spaces.

  • Underdrained swale infiltration systems make excellent use of the protection potential of the soil, effectively removing floatables.

  • Pipe swale infiltration systems divert stormwater through backfilled pipe swales into the subsoil without requiring a permeable surface/undeveloped area.

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