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Underground cable protection

Basics Underground cable protection

Wires and cables are important to a working infrastructure. They provide us with energy and data and keep daily life running.

Wires and cables – the lifelines of our engineered world
While wires and cables were predominantly installed aboveground in the past, underground installation quickly became a standard in industrial countries in the course of mechanisation – not only for aesthetical reasons but also due to the continuously increasing demand for interconnection capacity and a growing number of wires and cables.


Cable ducts – reliable and flexible
Underground installation itself and the fact that various media must often be accommodated in small spaces in urban areas pose potential risks. Cables must be protected during and after installation making the use of cable ducts essential. Cable ducts provide mechanical protection to underground cables and allow for assigning different media to different ducts. At the same time, they serve as unused conduits to retrofit additional cables.

Standards and Guidelines

Proper installation of underground conduit systems must comply to basic standards and guidelines. Below is a summary of the most important standards and guidelines.

DIN EN 61386-24
„Conduit systems for cable management – Part 24: Particular requirements – Conduit systems buried underground („Elektroinstallationsrohrsysteme für elektrische Energie und Informationen – Teil 24: Besondere Anforderungen für erdverlegte Elektroinstallationsrohrsysteme")
The standard defines requirements and tests for conduit systems buried underground. The systems consist of conduits and accessories to protect and route isolated wires and cables.

DIN EN 1610
Construction and testing of drains and sewers („Verlegung und Prüfung von Abwasserleitungen und –kanälen")

DWA-A 139 worksheet
Installation and testing of drains and sewers („Einbau und Prüfung von Abwasserleitungen und –kanälen")

ZTV A-StB 97
Additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for earthworks in trafficked areas („Zusätzliche Technische Vertragsbedingungen und Richtlinien für Aufgrabungen in Verkehrsflächen")

A 535 installation manual
Excerpts from the installation manual published by the KRV (Kunststoffrohrverband e.V.) must be complied with.


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