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Sedimentation and Oil Separation

Sedimentation and Oil Separation

Our fast-paced and increasingly mobile society also leads to an increase in the number of hazard sources: accidents with leaking petrol and diesel fuel tanks, breaking hydraulic hoses, oil-bearing fire water during vehicle fires and much more. Light liquids leaking in case of such spills are hazardous to water and must never enter any downstream waterbodies or the groundwater in order to protect the environment.

To clean the stormwater from particle-bound and dissolved pollutants such as heavy metals and PAH as well as oil, technical solutions such as SediPipe L plus and SediPipe XL plus are required. These systems fulfil this task efficiently, reliably and with as little maintenance as possible. A second flow separator installed at the top safely separates light liquids also during rainfall and ensures 100 % protection for groundwater and waterbodies in case of spills. The systems provide safe storage of separated substances even in case of subsequent heavy rainfall events.

More safety for light liquids

  • Sedimentation of coarse and fine particles
  • Retention of light liquids in case of dry weather (spills)
  • Separation of light liquids in case of rainfall (spills)

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