Quality, environment & energy

Environmental & energy management

We are responsible for sustaining and protecting our environment and using its resources in a sustainable manner. We also take into account environmental considerations in product development, purchasing, manufacture, supply and disposal. To us, it is a matter of course to use resources and raw materials in a responsible and sustainable manner and give due consideration to possible environmental impacts and risks. Our ISO 14001-compliant environmental management systems help to leave behind an environment for future generations which is both viable and worth living in. We emphasize our sustainable commitment to continuously save energy and systematically reduce CO2 emissions with our certified energy management systems in accordance with ISO 50001.

Quality management

Highest quality has a long tradition and a secure future at FRÄNKISCHE. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our business partners - from the development and manufacture of products and solutions to sales and services. Our processes are geared towards continuous improvement to achieve "Zero Defects" and are characterised by preventive measures to avoid defects in all fields.

Our quality management systems have been implemented in compliance with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. These standards are a matter of course for us and an inherent part of our integrated management system.