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With FIPSYSTEMS, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes has developed a new, innovative product range, whose application will significantly simplify the world of industrial cable protection. True to the motto “We simplify your world”, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes and its FIPSYSTEMS product line provide solutions to various challenges in the field of industrial cable protection.

In addition to the standard products – FIPLOCK, FIPHEAT, FIPMOTION, FIPSPLIT, FIPJACK and FIPMETAL – FIPSPECIALS includes custom solutions for individual customer requirements.

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FIPLOCK® - Standard Corrugated Conduits, Threaded Connectors and Accessories

FIPLOCK corrugated conduits ensure highly reliable mechanical cable protection and flexible routing of wires and cables. These products can be used in a broad range of applications such as industrial installations, devices and machines, and they are available in various material qualities, depending on the requirements.

FIPLOCK accessories complete our high-quality cable protection product range and are suited for corrugated conduits with fine and coarse profiles.


FIPLOCK® ONE – Threaded Connectors

The FIPLOCK ONE pre-assembled threaded connectors allow a reliable connection of the FIPSYSTEMS corrugated conduits with fine and coarse profile of NW07 to NW48 with the highest IP protection property (IP protection classes 66, 67, 68 and 69). The corrugated conduit is slightly rotated into the connection in order to be installed, and it can be removed by loosening the connection with a screwdriver.

FIPLOCK ONE provides a high level of weather resistance, high dynamic load, impact resistance and pull-out strength, and meets the highest quality standards into the bargain. FIPLOCK ONE - one threaded connector for all applications.


FIPHEAT® - High-Temperature Corrugated Conduits

FIPHEAT is a product line of corrugated conduits meeting the highest temperature requirements. The high-tech materials used boast performance features that meet the highest requirements in terms of temperature as well as chemical resistance. Available in individual sizes, these products constitute a solution approach one can no longer do without when it comes to targeted application requirements.


FIPMOTION® - High-Dynamic Corrugated Conduits

Corrugated conduits of the FIPMOTION® product range are characterized by their high flexural fatigue strength for dynamic movements in continuous use. High mechanical and chemical resistance round off the property profile.


FIPSPLIT® - Two-Piece Corrugated Conduits, Threaded Connectors and Accessories

FIPSPLIT are two-piece corrugated conduits for easy retrofit to provide high-quality cable protection. Available in diameters from 4 mm to 100 mm.

FIPSPLIT threaded connectors and accessories complete our high-quality cable protection product range and guarantee reliable connections and fixing.


FIPSPECIALS® - Special Solutions

FIPSPECIALS is the product group for extraordinary solutions such as segmented conduit systems, corrugated conduits with an integrated thread connection, special shapes for customized installation, square, hexagonal, oval corrugated conduits, or even multi-layer corrugated conduits (co-extrusion) – to mention just a few.


FIPJACK® - Textile Protection Hoses

FIPJACK comprises a broad range of textile protection hoses for protecting against chemicals, liquids, radiant heat, abrasion or penetration of sharp objects, to name but a few, and some are even suited for retrofit installations.


FIPMETAL® - Metal Protection Hoses and Accessories

The FIPMETAL product line includes highly flexible metal protection hoses that protect against traction, torsion, compression as well as mechanical loads and deformation. The associated threaded connector product line uniquely allows an individual combination with different connecting thread types and sizes.

FIPMETAL accessories complete our high-quality cable protection product range and are compatible with our FIPMETAL conduits.



Application area of FIPSYSTEMS®


The FIPSYSTEMS product range of cable protection solutions is as diverse as the industrial sector.

Different variants of conduit geometries, materials, connection possibilities, as well as two-part designs for retrofit requirements allow the use for a wide range of application requirements.



Narrow spaces are often a challenge for the installation of cables and wires. Special corrugated conduit geometries from the FIPSPECIALS product range, for instance, allow for space-saving installations with optimum exploitation. The products are resistant to rough weather and sea water.


Railroad / Transport

The high requirements prevailing in railroad technology also apply to our products. Superior fire protection characteristics, high mechanical strength, UV-resistance and retrofit resealable installation are only some attributes of our cable protection solutions.


Track side

For the protection of sensitive cabling and cables, we offer high-quality cable protection products that meet the requirements of railway technology. These items are used primarily in railway barrier connections, in track bed applications or in signal and control systems. A subsequent assembly is easily possible with the help of our FIPSPLIT products.


Chemical Industry

Our FIPHEAT product range offers particularly chemically resistant products which must also withstand high process temperatures. They can be ideally used in numerous applications in temperatures from –200 °C to +260 °C.



The movement spectrum and the rapidness in robotics and automation is really impressive. However, also cables and wires must withstand extreme movements. This is not a problem with our specially modified conduits since both dynamic movements and abrasion do not affect them, and they have been designed for very long periods of use.


Renewable Energies

No matter whether ashore or offshore – FIPSYSTEMS cable protection products resist every weather. The high-quality products withstand extreme weather as well as rodent bites or mechanical stress. Also existing plants do not pose a problem because our portfolio also includes suitable products for easy retrofitting.



Our solutions for cable protection and routing of the highly sensitive cables are aimed at companies in the telecommunications and energy utilities sectors. Even a subsequent installation of our products is no problem with the FIPSPLIT product range.



We also find a solution for requirements that can not be clearly assigned to any of the mentioned areas of application - just contact us.



FIPLOCK® ONE – One fits all

With the new, high-quality threaded connectors FIP simplifies connection technology: While different IP protection classes used to require different connections for corrugated conduits, FIPLOCK ONE now combines all protection class requirements for industrial applications, even under demanding environmental conditions. In conjunction with FIPLOCK corrugated conduits in fine and coarse profile of NW 07 to NW 48, FIPLOCK ONE offers reliable and lasting protection according to IP69.

The pre-assembled, ready to install threaded connectors supplied thus guarantee highest reliability for a wide variety of applications: FIPLOCK ONE made of specially formulated polyamide 6 can be connected simply by pushing the corrugated conduit into the threaded connector. Using a standard screwdriver, the connection can be released again quickly and easily. FIPLOCK® ONE boasts a high level of weather resistance as well as impact resistance and pull-out strength.




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