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Driven by innovation

There is hardly a car left on our roads without FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes products inside. Be it windscreen washer fluid line, battery cooling or tank ventilation – the Automotive division is a development partner of technically demanding corrugated pipes and completely pre-assembled systems, conduits as well as medium-conducting line systems for cars.

Our systems are used, among others, in the following applications:

  • Cable protection: for high temperature loads, against abrasion and impact stress, for cable bundling, temperature shielding, noise absorption, and electric insulation
  • Medium conducting: e.g., fuel lines, tank ventilation lines, filling systems, underfloor ducts, SCR ventilation lines, crank case ventilation lines, vacuum and clutch lines, battery ventilation systems
  • Thermal management: corrugated and smooth conduit systems, space-saving connectors, blow-moulded connecting elements and various plug systems with integrated sensors

Drainage Systems

Water is a priceless natural resource! Water is the elixir of life! Water is powerful, and sometimes that power is very destructive. Water can damage or destroy buildings and flood roads and streets. Modern life would be unthinkable without drainage systems.

Our products and systems offer innovative solutions for the transport, treatment, storage (retention and harvesting), and the controlled discharge of stormwater. We facilitate project-related, customised system solutions: in structural, civil and traffic route engineering, in industrial and commercial engineering, for airfields or in landscaping – simply everywhere.

FRÄNKISCHE is your strong partner in drainage technology. Our customers benefit from our expertise in stormwater management and our long-standing experience in civil engineering.

Electrical Systems

Intelligent electrical installation is always focused on the future. New technologies enhance comfort and convenience, help make life more pleasant and use energy more and more efficiently. We offer practice-oriented conduit systems for sustainable electrical installations and cable protection. Be it flexible or rigid, plastic, steel or aluminium, halogen-free or resealable – our numerous conduit types prepare users for any case.

FRÄNKISCHE's conduits help create an infrastructure that offers the greatest possible flexibility with regard to new demands on living space and technology. Our products protect audio, signal and data lines, and comply with the highest safety standards while focusing on fire protection, circuit integrity, halogen-free installation as well as UV protection.

Building Technology

We stand for well-thought-out systems and building technology from the expert.

Our alpex product family for drinking water and heating installations meets highest demands. We provide you with high-quality and flexible pipe solutions tailored to your needs and the situation at the construction site which meet all the requirements in terms of installation-friendliness, quality, and operational reliability.
We offer various pipe variants also in the field of radiant heating, radiant cooling and radiator connection.

profi-air is our central ventilation system which can be installed flexibly and perfectly matches the requirements of heat recovery ventilation. The profi-air system consists of efficient ventilation units for hygienically impeccable air exchange, in-house manufactured ventilation pipes with a smooth and antibacterial inner surface, as well as exclusive ventilation grills – to match each and every interior style. Thanks to the demand-controlled supply of fresh air, profi-air ensures a constantly healthy and relaxing living climate 24 hours a day.


Driven by innovation

Especially in the field of industry, cables are subjected to particularly extreme stresses such as heat and cold, humidity and moisture, abrasion and impact, or other chemical and mechanical influences. Our products protect, route and bundle these wires and cables and have been designed and manufactured with our customers' needs in mind. This is why we constantly strive to expand our range of products, and offer a great variety of possible applications for industrial needs.

In addition to innovative solutions in cable protection, we offer our customers medium-conducting systems in various industrial applications. Be it water, air or other liquids, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes conduit systems transport these media reliably and safely to where they are needed.

Our products and systems can be found in the following fields of application, to name but a few:

  • Machine, plant and apparatus engineering
  • Railway engineering / Transport
  • Industry
  • Chemistry
  • Robotics
  • Renewable energies (solar thermal engineering, wind energy etc.)
  • Telecommunications
  • Household appliance industry
  • Sanitary equipment
  • Medical engineering
  • Exhaust technology
  • Construction and agricultural machinery