There is hardly a car left on our roads where no FRÄNKISCHE product is installed. Whether spray water line, battery cooling or tank ventilation - the automotive sector is a development partner for technically sophisticated corrugated pipes and fully assembled systems, protective hoses and media-leading pipe systems for the automotive sector.

Various manufacturing processes result in a broad product portfolio. In addition, in close cooperation with OEMs and Tier1, individual solutions for the specific assembly space are developed and delivered ready for series production directly and worldwide to final assembly.

Our products and systems can be found in the following fields of application, to name but a few:

  • Cable protection: for high temperature load, against abrasion and impact stress, for cable bundling, temperature shielding, noise absorption and electric insulation
  • Fluid Systems: e.g. fuel lines, tank ventilation lines, filling systems, underfloor ducts, SCR ventilation lines, crank case ventilation lines, vacuum lines, battery ventilation and battery cooling systems

Drainage Systems

Water always finds its way. But whenever man intervenes, the natural balance can easily be upset and the flow of water disrupted. Water can unleash destructive forces and cause substantial damage to homes and buildings, flooding roads and whole areas and turning agricultural fields into wetlands.

Our products and systems offer innovative solutions for stormwater collection, drainage, treatment, retention and reuse. They can be found anywhere and everywhere: in the drainage of roads and tracks, in stormwater management, in agricultural drainage and in building drainage.

Our extensive and tailored consultation to planners and authorities already begins during the planning stage by offering project-related solutions. Our customers benefit from our expertise in stormwater management and our experience gained by our many years of presence in the civil engineering market.

Water is our passion. Our products show water the way and help the natural water cycle.

We offer tailor-made system solutions for

Electrical Systems

An intelligent electrical installation is always focused on the future. New technologies enhance comfort and convenience, help to make life more pleasant and use energy more and more efficiently.

We give top priority to ensuring safety. Particularly products for electrical installation are subject to stringent regulations and safety requirements. We are your reliable partner when it comes to fire protection, functional integrity, zero-halogen and UV stability.

From single-family homes to large hospitals, from small production halls to airports – FRÄNKISCHE conduits are suitable for use everywhere. With its broad range of products, FRÄNKISCHE is the ideal partner for complex, technically sophisticated and future-oriented tasks.

With FRÄNKISCHE products you are on the safe side when it comes to electrical installations.

We offer cable protection systems and pipe applications, smooth or corrugated, of plastic and metal for

Building Technology

We are specialised in multi-layer composite pipe systems and solid plastic pipes and offer the plumber/installer mature and perfectly matched products and system solutions for potable water and heating installation as well as for controlled home ventilation.

We always develop our products and systems in such a way that they do not compete but complement each other, which leads to overall improvement.

We continuously optimise our products and give safety and user friendliness top priority.

Our product portfolio is geared to the needs of the market and offers, in addition to the well-proven system components, numerous solutions that facilitate work of the plumber/installer at the construction site.

We provide innovative system solutions for


Especially in the field of industry, cables are subjected to extreme stresses, such as heat and cold, humidity and moisture, abrasion and impact, or other chemical and mechanical influences.

Our products protect, route and bundle these wires and cables and have been designed and manufactured with our customers’ individual needs in mind. This is why we constantly strive to expand our range of products, and why our range of products offers a great variety of possible applications for industrial needs.

Our products and systems can be found in the following fields of application, to name but a few:

  • Machine, plant and apparatus engineering
  • Railway engineering / Transport
  • Industry
  • Chemistry
  • Robotics
  • Renewable energies (solar thermal engineering, wind energy etc.)
  • Telecommunications
  • Household appliance industry
  • Sanitary equipment
  • Medical engineering
  • Exhaust technology
  • Construction and agricultural machinery