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Rigo®Collect Stormwater detention

Rigo®Collect Stormwater detention


With RigoCollect it is possible to excellently build underground stormwater detention systems. Storage basins can be planned in almost all sizes and geometries. To this end, Rigofill inspect storage blocks are wrapped in foil applying a special technique. This creates absolutely watertight underground plastic containers. Layout and height can be adapted ideally to constructional requirements, which allows systems to be built e.g. flat or at angles. The containers are highly durable and can be installed under trafficked areas (e.g. parking lots). The integrated inspection tunnel makes the containers completely accessible for CCTV inspection, e.g. for the inspection of quench water storage tanks. The modular design therefore allows construction in sections ("moving construction site") which facilitates construction in existing systems.

Due to the relatively low investment costs and the given maintenance properties, RigoCollect systems are a reasonable alternative as compared to other detention systems.

In combination with the QuadroLimit throttle shaft, RigoCollect stormwater detention systems meet highest requirements in terms of operating reliability which is reflected in the high discharge performance of the integrated vortex valve in all operating stages.

Other fields of application:
RigoCollect detention/infiltration units may also be built as stormwater harvesting and quench water storage systems with special product-specific adjustments. A combination of different types of usage is possible, and the three functions stormwater detention, stormwater harvesting and quench water storage may be combined in one container, if needed!

FRÄNKISCHE technical consultants will help you meet your needs and work with you to provide a custom-tailored solution.