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Fit for the future – with BIM


FRÄNKISCHE keeps an eye on the future!

New technologies change the way buildings are being planned, built and operated. Digital building planning using building information modelling (BIM) is the future and, from now on, we will provide free technical product data for this. With the BIM data for our Building Technology range for ventilation, drinking water and heating as well as our Electrical Systems range, we support efficient planning, construction and management of building projects.

Building Information Modeling by FRÄNKISCHE

BIM data - Building Technology

BIM data – Electrical Systems

BIM data – Building Technology

Free BIM data from the building technology expert

Digital construction of buildings, perfect coordination during construction phase, and an overview of the installed products during maintenance whenever necessary: FRÄNKISCHE supports the effective processing of construction projects with comprehensive technical data for its range of pipe systems for ventilation, drinking water and heating. The enterprise provides these data to the architects, engineers and constructors free of charge.

Virtual planning, real construction

In the Autodesk Revit planning software, users access the extensive technical data and 3D models in the MagiCAD Cloud and create a digital design of the pipe network. The results are precise calculations – with optimized data quantity. As an alternative, you can handle project planning and dimensioning directly in the MagiCAD for Revit MEP software. After the pipe systems have been drawn in the desired locations, MagiCAD will dimension them according to the current standards. FRÄNKISCHE’s data record automatically equips the calculated model with the required FRÄNKISCHE fittings and accessories.

Datasets for projects and products

For application in projects, we provide the free data in the MagiCAD Cloud:

On a product level and for special planning software, we provide the different product datasets according to VDI 3805 for drinking water and heating installations (here) and heat recovery ventilation (here).

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Flyer BIM

Flyer BIM
Software/Planning aid

BIM data – Electrical Systems

BIM data – Electrical Systems

The FRÄNKISCHE Electrical Systems business division is fit for the BIM era: In order to facilitate planning, construction and management of buildings, the experts for future-oriented electrical installation together with the industry expert BIMsystems have digitised a selected range of pipes and accessories, and provide high-quality BIM content. With the BIM solution by BIMsystems, which is unique around the world, we pull together with your planners – from communication and project management to the entire life cycle of a property. This saves time, money and resources.

Improved data and planning quality using BIM

Together with BIMsystems we have digitised our co2ntrol eco-balanced electrical conduits, the DATALIGHT network system and the Kabu-FESH Set Elektro B one-use building lead-through set product groups. The new BIM content is now available for planners free of charge in the database-based waya BIM solution by BIMsystems. Via plugin, you can access the digitised products by FRÄNKISCHE directly using waya and import them into your preferred CAD system.

In waya, planners, component manufacturers and involved parties of different trades work in a central data model. Planners use waya to access BIM content by various manufacturers such as FRÄNKISCHE and use them in their projects. Thanks to waya, BIM planning, consulting directly in the CAD system, digitised project and product data, and targeted information are interconnected without losses throughout the entire planning process. waya and the associated CAD plugin are free of charge for planners.

Your advantages as planner thanks to waya and the BIM content by FRÄNKISCHE

• CAD system-comprehensive data exchange (open BIM) without requiring IFC
• Collaboration in a central data model
• CAD system-independent intelligence
• Central provision of all relevant project properties
• Access to neutral & manufacturer-specific BIM content
• Role-related access rights
• Interaction between all building participants