BIM data for digital building planning


BIM Planning

FRÄNKISCHE keeps a watchful eye on the future: new technologies change the way buildings are planned, built and operated. Digital building planning with Building Information Modelling (BIM), for which we will now provide free technical product data, is the future. With the BIM data on our Building Technology product range for ventilation, drinking water and heating, we support the efficient planning, design and management of building projects.

Why BIM?
  • Efficient exchange of information among all participants
  • Transparency and interconnection during the entire construction project
  • Automation of time-consuming planning and routine tasks
  • Optimised processes accelerate decision-making and ensure high quality
  • Complete listing of all integrated components and materials


building information modeling
BIM: virtual planning, real building

In the Autodesk Revit planning software, users access the extensive technical data and 3D models in the MagiCAD Cloud and create a digital design of the pipe network. The results are precise calculations – with optimized data quantity. As an alternative, you can handle project planning and dimensioning directly in the MagiCAD for Revit MEP software. After the pipe systems have been drawn in the desired locations, MagiCAD will dimension them according to the current standards. FRÄNKISCHE’s data record automatically equips the calculated model with the required FRÄNKISCHE fittings and accessories.


You can download the free BIM data here.

Product models for BIM
Datasets for projects and products

For application in projects, we provide the free data in the MagiCAD Cloud: https://frankische.magicad.cloud/

On a product level and for special planning software, we provide the different product datasets according to VDI 3805 for drinking water and heating installations (here) and heat recovery ventilation (here).

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