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Ventilation grills of glass to add more style

Ventilation grills of glass to add more style

Heat recovery ventilation meets modern living trends: With its new glass collection of starline ventilation grills, FRÄNKISCHE responds to modern as well as timeless interior styles. The glass grills add new colours, shapes and ornamental patterns to the starline range – a total of 39 variants available now fit perfectly with any living concept.


profi-air, the ventilation system by FRÄNKISCHE, includes everything required for a flawlessly functioning HRV system: from ventilation units through pipe and manifold systems to superior design grills. With its perfectly matched components from the complete range, the family-owned enterprise based in Königsberg ensures flexibility and versatility in heat recovery ventilation.


Since the concept of design plays an important role when making a decision regarding an HRV system, FRÄNKISCHE, together with sieger design, a renowned industry design agency, has developed the starline design grill collection: elegant and, at the same time, practical ventilation grills. “The success of the first collection and the current trend of using glass elements as visual highlights in living areas encouraged us to create 19 new ventilation grills,” says Jürgen Rudolf, Product Manager of Heat Recovery Ventilation at FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division. The new glass grills expand the existing starline range and make it even more versatile, thus offering a suitable ventilation grill for every interior style.


starline made of glass: shapes, colours and ornamental patterns for any style

FRÄNKISCHE offers rectangular, oval, square and round ventilation grills – suited for the air outlet variants of the profi-air system. The name of the basic designs derives from the shape of the air outlet: horizontal lines, vertical stripes or cross-shaped patterns. The rectangular and oval variants are available in the designs HORIZON, STRIPES and CROSS. The company supplies its square and round grills in the designs TWIST COMPACT, TWIST CIRCLE and CROSS CIRCLE.


FRÄNKISCHE adds exclusive colour highlights with its new starline variants. Due to their modern yet timeless colours, the ventilation grills blend harmoniously with the living environment or act as a striking accessory. The plain-coloured glass grills are available in six modern colours to suit any taste in furnishing: “white pure”, “powder blue”, “light brown”, “satin white pure”, “satin black” and “satin bronze”. The multicolour glass of “blue-grey” and “black & white” adds a special touch. Depending on the style, the glass is available in matt (frosted) – marked “satin” – or shiny finish. “By extending our collection, we provide architects and end customers with a selection that is unique on the market. With a total of 39 metal and glass designs available now, we are the trendsetter in the field of ventilation grills,” says Jürgen Rudolf.


Flexible and easy installation of design grills

The installation of the design grills is easy and time-saving. In just a few simple steps, the installer connects the grill with the starline mounting frame by means of magnets. This connection ensures secure attachment and allows easy and precise adjustment. What is more, the ventilation grills can be easily exchanged due to the simple attachment principle: Simply remove the grill, attach the new one, align it, done! This allows users to remain flexible in adapting their heat recovery ventilation to their new interior design ideas whenever desired.

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