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Update for ISO pipe system

Update for ISO pipe system

FRÄNKISCHE’s new profi-air ISO plus system for heat recovery ventilation convinces with well-thought-out components, improved materials and easier installation. The completely insulated pipe impresses with good thermal properties, a new bracket allows quick ceiling and wall installations and the flush-mounted coupling features optimised plug-in properties. With the 45 and 90 degree bends and reducers, installers are ideally equipped.

FRÄNKISCHE has further developed its profi-air ISO system for the installation of heat recovery ventilation and offers craftsmen added value at the construction site. The profi-air ISO plus system connects the ventilation unit to the manifold and establishes a connection to exhaust and fresh air. The completely insulated and vapour-tight profi-air ISO plus pipe is made of EPS material and has an improved airtightness class and higher thermal conductivity. It is available in DN 125 and DN 160.

Special highlight: pipe fastening using a flexible clamp connection

The system is complemented by a new bracket that can be used to attach pipes from 125 mm to 160 mm to walls or ceilings. To do this, installers first fit a hanger bolt and attach the profi-air ISO plus bracket. They place the bracket around the pipe and simply snap it into place using the toothing. The new component allows fitting pipes flush with the ceiling or wall or to position them at a customised distance. The bracket is attached to the hanger bolt using a removable clamping and fixing block. “Our new profi-air ISO plus system is quick and easy to install on site. Combined with the specially developed bracket, we offer installers a flexible and extremely straightforward way to attach the system,” says Jürgen Rudolf, Product Manager Heat Recovery Ventilation in FRÄNKISCHE’s Building Technology Division.

Sophisticated components for quick installation

The profi-air ISO plus coupling is flush with the pipe so that there is no offset at the transition to the ceiling or wall. In addition to visual benefits, the plastic sleeve is easier to fit and install. Installers can easily realise deflections with the 45 and 90 degree bends. Two reducers in the dimensions DN160/DN125 and DN180/DN160 complete the range so that the profi-air ventilation units and distributors can be professionally connected.