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Quadro-control 1
Quadro-control 1
Quadro-control 2
Quadro-control 2
Quadro-control 3
Quadro-control 3


Quadro-control is an inspection shaft that can be integrated in Rigofill detention/infiltration systems. It can be incorporated anywhere in the block-shaped structure. QuadroControl provides convenient access to the inspection tunnel from above (clear access diameter 500 mm). High-performance inspection and flushing technology can easily be inserted into the inspection tunnel.

System shaft for Rigofill inspect
Plastic shaft, block-shaped, consisting of one or several shaft bodies and cone, material: polyethylene, colour: black, dimensions: 80 x 80 cm, height depends on the number of layers of the connected detention/infiltration unit (DIU), dimension compatible to Rigofill inspect, with inlet side for DN 200 or larger KG pipe connections, with three tunnel sides for connecting to Rigofill inspect (connection opening 220 x 220 mm) and with a plane bottom surface, designed for the use of automotive dollies with camera sizes for pipes starting from DN 200, with DO = 600 mm extension pipe, clear access diameter of 500 mm, available with rotating inlet connection.

Name depends on the number of layers of Rigofill inspect:

  • QuadroControl ½:    WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 35 cm
  • QuadroControl 1:     WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 66 cm
  • QuadroControl 1 ½: WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 101 cm
  • QuadroControl 2:     WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 132 cm
  • QuadroControl 2 ½: WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 167 cm
  • QuadroControl 3:     WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 198 cm
  • QuadroControl project shaft


Multi-purpose system shaft for Rigofill inspect systems, can be incorporated anywhere in the block-shaped structure, for inlet connection and ventilating, inspecting and maintaining the system.