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Quadro® Limit

Quadro® Limit
Quadro® Limit
Quadro® Limit
Quadro® Limit
Quadro® Limit
Quadro® Limit


QuadroLimit combines the benefits of the QuadroControl system shaft with the advantages of proven stainless steel vortex valves (manufacturer: UFT Umwelt- und Fluid-Technik Dr. H. Brombach GmbH). QuadroLimit is dimensioned and manufactured to the specific project needs. The shaft, which is ready to be installed, can be easily incorporated anywhere in the system along the side of the detention/infiltration system. No separate construction is required downstream of the detention/infiltration system. If necessary, an integrated emergency overflow may be installed to limit the maximum water head (Quadro-Overflow).

Vortex shaft for Rigofill-type stormwater detention systems:
Plastic shaft, block-shaped, consisting of one or several shaft bodies plus cone, material: polyethylene (PE), colour: black, dimensions: 80 x 80 cm, height depends on the number of layers of the connected detention/infiltration unit (DIU), dimension compatible to Rigofill inspect, with DO 600 extension pipe, clear access diameter: 500 mm. With integrated stainless steel vortex valve, manufacturer: UFT Umwelt- und Fluid-Technik Dr. H. Brombach GmbH, outlet diameter between DN/OD 250 KG and DN/OD 400 KG (depending on drainage efficiency and head), vortex outlet range between 2 and 125 l/s (other values available upon request).

  • QuadroLimit ½:      WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 35 cm*
  • QuadroLimit 1:      WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 66 cm*
  • QuadroLimit 1 ½:  WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 101 cm*
  • QuadroLimit 2:      WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 132 cm*
  • QuadroLimit 2 ½:  WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 167 cm*
  • QuadroLimit 3:      WxDxH = 80 x 80 x 198 cm*
  • QuadroLimit project shaft

*plus cone height 25 cm


Vortex shaft for Rigofill inspect stormwater detention systems. Installation is possible anywhere along the side of the system. Ideal for systems which must meet very high requirements on operating reliability and with the need of high drainage efficiency through all operating stages.