polypropylene (PP/PE) sewer shaft DO 400 as flushing and inspection shaft, blue inside


Stormwater flushing and inspection shaft for domestic property drainage.


  • material: PP/PE
  • colour: black outside, blue inside
  • 3 inlets with KG coupling DN 150, sealed and covered with factory-mounted sealing rings and end plugs
  • 1 outlet robukan SMR coupling DN 150
  • heights: 0.8 m and 1.5 m
  • covers available for different loads
  • drop shaft can be created by drilling a lateral hole into the shaft


  • DIBt-approved
  • large radius provides for ideal inspection and cleaning access
  • easy handling thanks to low weight
  • excellent hydraulics due to flow-optimised raceway
  • certified leak tightness for highest reliability