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We are not just pipe manufactures.

We are so much more.

The issues of our time also challenge the construction industry: The traffic transition towards more electromobility, work-life balance, digitalisation, and the consequences of urbanisation affect companies and builders.

But what does this have to do with FRÄNKISCHE BAU? Much more than you might think at first...

Because we are not just pipe manufacturers. We are already providing solutions to important issues in our modern, interconnected society. The Future Institute has mapped out twelve global megatrends that impact all social, economic and political areas of life, including neo-ecology, urbanisation and health.


Our products help master the challenges of today. They make an important contribution to the current issues of our modern society.

We do not just make pipes. There is so much more to our products.

Our intelligent systems are already decisive in many aspects of infrastructure. They facilitate planning and implementation, and provide more safety. As "lifelines of a modern society", their applications in building technology, drainage and electrical installation permeate all important areas of life.