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Potable water & heating installations

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We pioneered and have specialised in plastic and multi-layer composite pipe manufacture and combine over 100 years of experience with know-how and ambition to provide innovative, intelligent solutions to tomorrow's market.


We are committed to the high quality of our products, and the highest level of reliability and service. Our goals are to make installation as efficient and safe as possible and our products as installer/plumber friendly as possible.


To achieve these goals, we constantly keep our plumbers/installers engaged in the development of our products, and eagerness for innovation hallmark the development of our products.

Drinking water / heating installation

Our system for drinking water and heating installation is called alpex. It includes all components necessary for a professional installation.

Unfailingly high-quality material, intelligently designed easy-to-install systems and a manufacturer you can rely on. Together with the installer's good workmanship, this pays off twice for the installation of drinking water and heating systems:

The installer can safely calculate and efficiently carry out his work, and the customer obtains a product he can rely on and enjoy for years to come.

We develop our products with great farsightedness and with a focus on practical relevance as far as the technical possibilities and the materials used are concerned – a real benefit for the installer as well as for his/her customers!

Our system for drinking water and heating installation is called alpex. It includes all components necessary for a professional installation: alpex F50 PROFI, the press system with flow optimisation (16, 20, 26, 32 mm), alpex L, multi-layer composite pipes with an extensive range of assorted fittings for large dimensions (40, 50, 63, 75 mm), alpex-plus, the slim push fitting for quick, space-saving installations (16, 20, 26 mm).

In addition to the DVGW approval, which independently verifies the excellent quality, it goes without saying that we provide a 10-year certificate for all alpex system components! With this certificate, FRÄNKISCHE practically gives a 10-year warranty for the technical reliability of products and systems. The DVGW Cert GmbH, Europe’s largest certification body in the gas and water industry, tests, certifies and monitors gas and water industry products according to DIN EN ISO 9000 et seq. and DIN EN ISO 14001.

For a perfect preparation of projects in building technology, we offer the professional planning software profiplan which helps with the efficient planning and implementation of projects while being extremely easy to use. In addition to some very helpful simulation tools, the software also features a tool for heating load calculation and, of course, numerous options for higher project administration.