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Concealed installations

Concealed installations

Concealed installation is used in interior spaces. We differentiate between:

- Installation of conductors in conduits which are only permitted in dry rooms.

- Installation of sheathed wires and cables which also allow protection classes with water protection IP x 1 and higher.

Concealed electrical installation/cable laying requires the use of an electrical conduit in a number of European countries. Of course, you should not only consider mechanical characteristics but also bear in mind the replaceability of installed wires and cables. Conduits with light compressive strength according to DIN EN 61386-1 are of a particular advantage here.

Concealed installations

DIN 1053-1 stipulates the trough depth, width and number in a wall (depending on the wall thickness).

Oval installations

Installed under plaster in a concealed manner, the oval multimedia conduit (larger volume) collects all important lines and connects them correctly to existing devices.

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