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FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes supplies breathing tubes

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes supplies breathing tubes

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an increasing demand for medical devices.
The past weeks have made it obvious that hospitals around the world are facing or will be facing massive shortages. Protective equipment and ventilators are not available in sufficient quantities. The international supplier FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes (FIP) has reacted and has converted its production facilities to produce breathing tubes which used to be manufactured only in small quantities in the past.

”We have many years of experience with manufacturing corrugated tubes complying with medical standards,“ states Stefan Ickler (Director Business Segment Industry).

The corrugated tubes used in medical engineering are emission-free, odourless, and are manufactured and packaged according to an extremely high standard of hygiene. FRÄNKISCHE’s medical solutions are currently used in ventilation and anaesthesia devices, and in colon therapy.


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