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Frost protection with profi-air defroster

Frost protection with profi-air defroster

The profi-air defroster DN 160 for efficient frost protection of ventilation systems is the latest addition to the FRÄNKISCHE product line: It is safely protected against overheating, adjusts its power automatically and requires only minimum installation time.

The completely insulated box that prevents thermal bridges has been designed for all profi-air touch ventilation systems and recommends itself especially as a suitable choice for buildings with negative-pressure monitoring. In order to protect downstream ventilation units efficiently against icing and freezing condensate, the EPP foam box is integrated into the fresh air pipe. It is equipped with modern technology and perfectly matching system components: The integrated PTC heater coil adjusts the power consumption exactly to the power output required to avoid freezing. "The PTC heating element is fail-safe. It adjusts the power automatically, overheating is prevented," explains Tobias Fraas, product manager for heat recovery ventilation systems. The pre-filter integrated in the box is filter class G3 and protects the heating element against dirt. For the plumber/installer, the new profi-air defroster means minimal effort: The plumber/installer does not need to insulate the fresh air pipe, and the filter is already installed as well - the plumber/installer simply needs to attach the defroster and connect it electrically. For changing the filter or inspecting the PTC heater coil, the plumber/installer simply needs to remove the cover.

The profi-air defroster provides a heating output of 2 kW max. and is a suitable for profi-air 250 and 400 touch. The box with the compact dimensions 330x330x423 mm has been designed to connect diameter DN 160. Two DN 160 double nipples and an electrical connection box are included.


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