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Lead-free installation with FRÄNKISCHE

Lead-free installation with FRÄNKISCHE

With the fittings of the alpex F50 PROFI and alpex-plus systems by FRÄNKISCHE, lead-free drinking water installations in dimensions between 16 and 32 mm will be possible in the future. To achieve this, the building technology expert opts for high-grade dezincification resistant materials of top quality, which are entirely compliant with the positive list of the German Environment Agency (UBA).


Hygiene, quality, sustainability: Designers and installers of drinking water systems are on the safe side with FRÄNKISCHE. The components of the alpex installation systems are entirely in conformity with the assessment criteria of the German Environment Agency for metal materials with drinking water: Since they meet the stipulated limit values, they have been classified as hygienically safe. "The list of approved materials of the German Environment Agency (UBA) deals with the hygienic aspects of drinking water installations; yet it does not provide any statements regarding quality and dezincification resistance of the materials applied. It namely does not take into account the important issue of corrosion," warns Michael Hümpfner, head of development and product management of the FRÄNKISCHE Building Technology Division. Some materials, for instance tin-plated standard brass CW617N, are compliant with the UBA list, yet they cannot always ensure corrosion protection with all water qualities. Dezincification breaks may be the result - a tiresome matter for the installers, mostly connected with considerable effort.

alpex F50 PROFI and alpex-plus are lead-free

A number of influencing factors determine the lead content in the water: It starts already at the building connection; water quality, user behaviour and installed components from the water meter to the tap additionally influence the lead content in the water. It must be considered that although UBA-compliant metals must meet the lead limit values under the stipulated test conditions after 16 weeks, they, nevertheless, may still have certain lead content. If the lead content exceeds the permissible limit value, for instance during system approval, the installer is mostly the one to deal with the matter. Since he is responsible for the system's compliance with all the statutory regulations. "To guarantee this and to have a safety margin in the entire drinking water installation into the bargain, executing companies shall possibly opt for virtually lead-free materials when selecting different components from various manufacturers. This is how the risk can be reduced that, due to the combination of the installed components, the lead limit value is still exceeded," Michael Hümpfner advises. This holds true not only for filters, valves, water taps, shut-off fittings and water meters, but also for pipes. This is why all fittings of the alpex drinking water system are in conformity not only with the list of the German Environment Agency (UBA) and the regulations of the Drinking Water Ordinance. In addition to this, FRÄNKISCHE uses the lead-free brass material CW724R in its alpex F50 PROFI and alpex-plus systems.

Future-proof material

FRÄNKISCHE as a reliable partner in the installation sector opts for future-proof materials the installers can trust: Fittings and system components of the alpex F50 PROFI range are henceforth lead-free – manufactured from the brass material CW724R or the aerospace-proven high-performance PPSU plastic. Due to this, they are below the stipulated values of the German Environment Agency and the Drinking Water Ordinance, dezincification resistant and lead-free. "Our new alloy for alpex F50 PROFI is of particularly high quality, not only with regard to the lead content and the hygienic aspects of the UBA list. What is more, the products are extremely dezincification and stress crack resistant, and thus fit for particularly safe and durable installations," Michael Hümpfner explains.


Easy-to-install complete system

The alpex family is an easy-to-install complete system for drinking water and heating installations: Individual components of the systems in the dimensions from 16 to 75 mm – the alpex multilayer composite pipe, the extensive fitting programme and a wide range of accessories and parts – are all perfectly matched. To ensure future-proof and practice-oriented installation, each system component is durable, robust and easy to process. The DVGW certification and a 10-year certificate guarantee utmost safety and reliability of all alpex products. The alpex composite pipe that is impervious to encrustation is food-safe and completely free of physiological risks, meaning that hygienically impeccable drinking water installations can be taken for granted. Absolute impermeability to oxygen is of particular advantage in heating installations. alpex F50 PROFI is available as pliable coiled pipes, stable straight lengths, pre-insulated multilayer composite pipes, or pipes with protective sheathing, and it can be flexibly used at any site. The alpex-plus push-fit fitting in dimensions of 16, 20 and 26 is fully compatible with the alpex F50 PROFI crimping system. Moreover, installers are free to combine alpex F50 PROFI with alpex L, the crimping system for large dimensions of 40 to 75 mm.

Flow-optimised overall system

All alpex F50 PROFI fittings, whether of lead-free brass alloy or PPSU, are flow-optimised thanks to a 30 % larger cross section surface: "Our products boast the largest inside diameter among all comparable radial crimp fittings for multilayer composite pipes in the German market. Together with the large inside diameter of the pipe, alpex F50 PROFI can face any challenge in terms of flow rate – always in compliance with standards and acknowledged technological rules," says Willi Mattolat, team leader of FRÄNKISCHE pipe systems product management. alpex F50 PROFI can be crimped using crimping jaw contours F, U, TH, H and VP with all conventional hydraulic crimping tools.

FRÄNKISCHE is the expert for practice-oriented and future-proof building technology: Installers are on the safe side with alpex F50 PROFI and alpex-plus with regard to permissible lead content, hygiene and dezincification resistance of drinking water installations. The system provider keeps on continuously developing the alpex family to ensure safe and flexible processing in line with the latest technological and hygienic standards.


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