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FRÄNKISCHE repositions range of products for cable protection

ASPA-M from the FIPLOCK ONE product line
ASPA-M from the FIPLOCK ONE product line
MC-GAAR from the FIPMETAL product line
MC-GAAR from the FIPMETAL product line
FPANF from the FIPHEAT product line
FPANF from the FIPHEAT product line

FRÄNKISCHE is restructuring its product range for efficient cable protection. The new FIPSYSTEMS product line by FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes GmbH & Co. KG includes FIPLOCK and FIPHEAT corrugated conduits, FIPLOCK ONE threaded connectors, FIPMETAL metal cable ducts as well as matching accessories.

The Electrical Systems Division will sell a compressed FIPSYSTEMS product range in the future. "With the repositioned range of cable protection products, FRÄNKISCHE presents itself in a uniform and cohesive way. Through electrical wholesalers, we offer a top-quality selection of components for cable protection closely aligned with the requirements of our customers," explains Norbert Biener, FRÄNKISCHE Product Manager Electrical Systems.

The target group of the adjusted portfolio are mechanical engineering companies and electricians relying on sophisticated cable protection products in high quality for maintenance, repair or retrofitting. They will now find the tried and proven products and names from the Industrial Division also at wholesale.

High-quality FIPSYSTEMS corrugated conduits

FRÄNKISCHE's range of wholesale cable protection products will comprise two high-quality flexible corrugated conduits from the FIPLOCK product line: FPANF – made of polyamide (PA6) –, FPPSF-U – UV-resistant for 20 years –, and FTPS – highly temperature-resistant – from the FIPHEAT product line. FPANF is UL-approved which is established internationally and a mandatory requirement for exports to North America.

FIPLOCK ONE: one threaded connector for all applications

The FIPLOCK ONE corrugated conduit connection for electrical wholesale is new to the range of cable protection products. The robust connector covers all protection classes from IP 66 to the highest protection class IP 69 and therefore replaces all previous threaded connectors. "In the future, we will offer only one threaded connector matching all applications. Installers benefit in particular: They always have the right product at hand which they can handle and install easily," Norbert Biener points out. FIPLOCK ONE is available in different metric designs, either as a straight design or with a 90° elbow. All threaded connectors are UL-approved, halogen-free, and UV-resistant for up to 40 years.

Connecting is as easy as it gets using the patented 360° locking mechanism: You just have to insert the corrugated conduit with a slight turn up to the limit stop of the pre-assembled adapter to establish a safe and reliable connection in all IP protection classes. The unit can be re-opened at any time using a slotted screwdriver, the fitting can be reused afterwards.

One threaded connector for all FIPMETAL conduits

FRÄNKISCHE will now pool all metal cable ducts in the FIPMETAL product line. Here, MC-GAAR, MC-DMA-PVC, and the UL-approved cable duct MC-DMC-PVC cover the requirements in electrical installations. One threaded connector, combined with the corresponding sealing ring, matches all three types of pipe. The optimised FIPMETAL ME end sleeve features a separate fold for even more reliability.

The resealable corrugated conduits from the Co-flex product line remain part of the revised range of cable protection products. The black and the white design made of polypropylene (PP), the PA6 design, and the UV-resistant Co-flex PP-UV will be available in electrical wholesale as per usual. Also the tried and tested accessories such as clamp, threaded connector or insertion tools will remain part of the product range.

The range of products for wholesale is also supplemented by the FFKSS-SW, TCXG, FKV-SW-K M, and RCX-MG plastic spiral conduits and matching accessories.

FRÄNKISCHE has repositioned its range of cable protection products for electrical wholesale: Transparent and close to the requirements of users, the additional FIPSYSTEMS product range for electrical wholesale convinces with high-quality and user-friendly components for cable protection.