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profi-air touch: optimised in practice

profi-air touch: optimised in practice

FRÄNKISCHE constantly improves and develops its products close to the requirements of practical use: The proven profi-air touch ventilation unit versions 250 and 400 now has a convincing new design, which makes it much faster to install. An operator button with an LED and a new condensate siphon with a ball lock complete the profi-air ventilation system product line.


The separate sensor/actuator box used before has now been integrated into the profi-air touch basic unit. Two external sensors for measuring CO2 or humidity and a pre-heater can be connected directly using an additional board with a plug. A connection for the operator button is also provided. In addition, the condensation discharge has been optimised: the condensate siphon can now be connected directly.


The components of the sensor/actuator box integrated into the ventilation unit have many advantages for the owner and the plumber/installer. Construction work in one- or two-family houses can be easily performed even in confined space and saves the plumber/installer time and work during assembly.

Profi-air touch is available with two output rates: 250 m3/h and 400 m3/h. High-quality components, energy efficiency and high performance characterise these innovative compact units. The state-of-the-art profi-air touch creates an atmosphere of well-being in your home with its whisper-quiet fans and the comfortable touchscreen operation.


Operator button with LED for easy use

The complete system by FRÄNKISCHE contains a new operator button with LED for an effortless and simple operation of profi-air 250 and 400 touch. The button controls the ventilation and indicates the four different power levels in an integrated light strip. The new condensation siphon with a ball lock prevents unpleasant smell in summer. When the water in the pipe is low, the integrated ball falls down, thus blocking the drain and keeping sewer smells from entering your home.