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Reliable cable protection even at high temperatures

Reliable cable protection even at  high temperatures

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes GmbH & Co. KG presents new products at this year's SPS IPC DRIVES


At this year's SPS IPC Drives, taking place in Nuremberg from 25. to 27. November 2014, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes (FIP) will present new high-temperature resistant and flexible protection products for a great variety of industrial applications. Visitors are cordially invited to obtain first-hand information about corrugated tubes and protective hoses resistant to temperatures of up to 800 C.


Following the slogan "it´s great to be special" FIP offers products with second-to-none application features. Sophisticated solutions emerging from production technologies, such as injection molding, extruding, thermoforming, knitting, adhesive bonding, coating, and joining, are core competences of the Franconian corrugated pipes expert.

"We know that different fields of application present different demands in terms of protection of sensitive cables and wires. That is why our product portfolio includes a variety of high-temperature resistant protection products suitable for virtually any imaginable industrial application", explains René Hofmann, Junior Product Manager for industrial cable protection at FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes.


Visitors can gain insight into various solutions at the trade fair in Nuremberg. Among other things, corrugated tubes from the new FIPHeat product line will be presented which can be used in temperature ranges of up to 260°C and still maintain a high degree of flexibility. In addition to their high-temperature stability, the high-temperature cable protection tubes boast a high degree of chemical resistance and easily comply with the UL94 V0 fire protection requirements.


The special fiber glass fabric hose with FAP aluminum coating from the FIPJack product line can be used in cable protection applications where radiation temperatures of up to 800°C may occur. Due to the reflection of the aluminum layer, the inside wires and conductors are effectively protected against enormous radiant heat. The FAP radiation protection can be precisely mounted on the mechanical protective corrugated tubes in order to provide targeted protection to local areas in the vicinity of sources of heat radiation. FAP is also available as an "open" system in the form of a knitted mat with aluminum coating. With the help of hook-and-loop fasteners or snap buttons it can be connected properly in order to be installed for protective reasons at a later point or to protect objects.


For cable protection requirements in temperature ranges of up to 250°C where an electrical breakdown strength of up to 4kV has to be additionally coped with the patented GOT protective hose made of knitted glass fiber with special silicone impregnation is the ideal cable protection product. See it for yourself!

The visitors of the SPS IPC Drives trade fair, taking place from 25 to 27 November, can obtain further information at the booth of FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes in hall 5, stand 210.


FRÄNKISCHE INDUSTRIAL PIPES (FIP), headquartered in German Königsberg, specializes in top quality corrugated tubes, corrugated tube systems and protective hoses for cable protection and fluid systems. The products are used successfully in a variety of industrial and automotive applications. Standard products and customized systems are manufactured on 280,000 m2 of production area in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, Morocco, China, Mexico and the USA. They are typically used in industrial applications such as machine and plant engineering, railroad engineering, secondary track bed applications, vehicle technology, automobiles, utility vehicles, sanitary and swimming pool engineering, major appliances, air handling systems, home appliances as well as geothermal, wind and solar energy systems.

Proven, reliable, flexible.