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Our corrugated cable-protection tubing features a smooth inner layer and offers both superior flexibility and high static stability. The tubing allows rapid insertion of wires and cables and provides reliable protection of wires and cables in high-vibration environments. The great advantage vs. smooth tubing is that connectors fit perfectly. Our product range also includes a broad range of matching accessories.


durable, highly flexible, high mechanical strength, compression and impact resistant, renders cable taping unnecessary, even extreme vibrations will not promote chafing of wires and cables, lightweight, selfextinguishing acc. to UL 94 HB/V-2 FMVSS


Customer value:

  • flexibility
  • superior abrasion resistance also in high-vibration environments
  • range of matching accessories
  • reduced assembly time thanks to optimized cable insertion
  • low weight
  • high mechanical strength


Industrial cable protection, robotics, mechanical and conrol panel engineering


Available materials:
available starting at  NW 17