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Rigo®Clean with lateral inlet


Infiltration systems must be sustainable and reliable. If particles are carried into the infiltration system, the infiltration performance may continuously decrease. The RigoClean treatment shaft retains coarse particles and fine particles up to 0.5 mm and ensures the effective performance of swales. In addition, it also retains floatable materials and light liquids. RigoClean with lateral inlet is connected directly upstream to the swale. It is fed through conventional road gullies, gullies in courtyards or from rooftop runoff.


RigoClean is suitable for infiltration of rooftop runoff or unpolluted runoff from paved areas. RigoClean can also be used as a pretreatment upstream of SediPipe or SediSubstrator. RigoClean with lateral inlet has been designed for connected areas up to 500 and 1,000 m2.

Pass-through value according to DWA M 153 bulletin: 0.8


  • Stormwater treatment shaft with removable strainer
  • RigoClean 500 with lateral inlet:
  • for connected areas up to 500m2;
  • inlet and outlet DN 150 KG;
  • DO = 400; DI = 350; H = 1650 mm
  • RigoClean 1000 with lateral inlet:
  • for connected areas up to 1000 m2;
  • inlet and outlet DN 200 KG;
  • DO = 600; DI = 500; H = 1680 mm



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