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Rigo®Collect quench water storage

Rigo®Collect quench water storage
Rigo®Collect quench water storage
Rigo®Collect quench water storage
Rigo®Collect quench water storage


Stormwater harvesting applications:

In narrow installation situations, stormwater storage systems are applied which may be adjusted to various different conditions due to their individual detention/infiltration units. With the RigoCollect stormwater harvesting system, the filter function and the pump device and/or lifting system can be easily integrated in the trench.

Quality is extremely important for us:

The core of RigoCollect, the Rigofill inspect storage block system and the inserted impermeable foil, has a general building authority approval by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

Quench water storage:

DIN 14230 (effective: September 2012) applies to quench water storage systems, which strictly requires the quench water volume to be able to be completely inspected. RigoCollect quench water storage systems meet this requirement. VdS (German testing institute for fire safety and security) has approved RigoCollect as being completely inspectable. Your quench water needs depend on the construction and the details of the object.

Other fields of application:

RigoCollect retention/infiltration units may also be built as systems for stormwater detention with special product-specific adjustments. A combination of different types of usage is possible, and the three functions stormwater detention, stormwater harvesting and quench water storage may be combined in one container, if needed!


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