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Robukan® SMR SN 8

Robukan® SMR SN 8


Structured-wall (corrugated outside, smooth inside) SN 8 polypropylene (PP) sewer pipe (yellow inside) according to DIN EN 13476-3, with distinctive installation markings; component of the robukan SMR system


Sewer pipe for discharging wastewater and stormwater with the classic ring stiffness of SN 8. This covers most applications and installation situations.


  • structured-wall design according to DIN EN 13476-3
  • material: PP
  • nominal diameters DN 150 - DN 600
  • lengths: 1 m, 3 m and 6 m
  • colour: black outside, yellow inside
  • distinctive installation markings (coloured stripes set 180 degrees apart): red stripe up = wastewater/combined sewer blue stripe up = stormwater sewer
  • ring stiffness SN 8 according to DIN EN ISO 9969; actual guaranteed ring stiffness ≥ 10 kN/m2 (="SN10")
  • coupling and profile sealing ring included


  • excellent load-bearing capacity
  • min. leak tightness: 2.4 bar
  • certified leak tightness according to EN 1277
  • certified jetting resistance according to DIN 19523
  • excellent hydraulic (inside diameter equals nominal width)
  • wide range of accessories
  • monitored externally



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