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Case Study A81 motorway Stuttgart - Singen, Trichtingen

Stormwater treatment
Case Study A81 motorway Stuttgart - Singen, Trichtingen
Case Study A81 motorway Stuttgart - Singen, Trichtingen
Case Study A81 motorway Stuttgart - Singen, Trichtingen

Regierungspräsidium Freiburg,
NBL Singen, Freiheitstraße 8,
78224 Singen

Weisser & Kernl, Beratende Ingenieure
Uhlandstraße 8, 78667 Villingendorf

Building company:
Behringer Tiefbau GmbH & Co KG,
Im Grubengarten 1, 78183 Hüfingen

As part of road drainage along the A81 motorway, a solution had to be found for handling polluted stormwater.
Between the road section AS Oberndorf and AS Rottweil (kilometre numbering 651+000 and 655+000) along the A81 motorway Stuttgart - Singen, stormwater is collected in one section near Trichtingen and supplied to stormwater treatment. Stormwater treatment is done in a 2-stage process. 2 SediPipe XL plus sedimentation systems clean the stormwater from coarse and fine particles. The stormwater cleaned from sediments is supplied to a downstream retention soil filter. The retention soil filter with its filter body ensures further cleaning of the stormwater, which is collected by drainage pipes and returned to the receiving waters in a controlled manner.

Stormwater treatment and oil separation in one system

SediPipe XL plus guarantees also in case of heavy rains that no settled coarse and fine particles or light liquids (spills) are discharged. For this purpose, SediPipe XL plus has been equipped with a second upper flow separator for oil separation. Retention of light liquids during rain tested by TÜV-Rheinland LGA Products GmbH. With a SediPipe XL plus system, up to 1.8 ha (Au) can be connected in conformity with the working aids for stormwater handling in urban areas (Arbeitshilfen für den Umgang mit Regenwasser in Siedlungsgebieten) according to table 4b type D24, Baden-Wuerttemberg Regional Office for Environment. In addition to that, SediPipe XL plus systems can easily be installed and require only minimum maintenance. DN 1000 shafts allow for optimum accessibility for inspection
and cleaning/disposal.

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