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DWA-A 102-2 – new requirements regarding stormwater treatment

Plan your stormwater treatment in compliance with DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2 with FRÄNKISCHE.

State-of-the-art stormwater treatment

The best possible technology for stormwater treatment has been redefined: The new DWA-A 102/BWK-A 3 regulations replace the DWA-M 153 bulletin with regard to discharging stormwater into surface waterbodies. FRÄNKISCHE's SediPipe systems comply with the new regulation DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2. The residence time method, a technically recognised verification procedure resulting from intense specific development work, confirms this.

Proven treatment performance based on professionally recognised verification procedure – residence time method

For over 15 years we have been intensively researching our SediPipe systems, especially with regard to the necessary verification procedure of the treatment performance. Therefore, we as a technology leader can already present a verification procedure for the performance of our sedimentation systems according to DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2 with our residence time method, which was developed on the basis of extensive laboratory tests and validated by in-situ examinations.

DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2
DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2

The regulation redefines requirements and targets and adapts the set of rules to the applicable laws. It also tightens the assessment and dimensioning methods for stormwater treatment systems and defines their verification. In order to comply with the legal requirements, higher performance requirements will apply in the future.

In addition, the new guidelines elevate decentralised or industrially manufactured treatment systems, so-called special forms, such as FRÄNKISCHE's systems, to the status of acknowledged rules of technology.

DWA-A 102-2 describes special forms.
DWA-A 102-2 describes special forms.

For the first time, factory-made so-called special forms of treatment systems have been considered explicitly in the regulations. Therefore, FRÄNKISCHE SediPipe and SediSubstrator sedimentation systems are now officially defined as treatment systems according to generally acknowledged rules of technology.

The proven SediPipe product line by FRÄNKISCHE consists of stretched pipes with a permanent water level and longitudinal flow serving as sedimentation reactors, which additionally feature a specifically developed flow separator that reliably prevents remobilisation of the sediment depot even during massive inflows.

DWA-A 102-2 requires verification procedures for special forms.
DWA-A 102-2 requires verification procedures for special forms.

The residence time method has exclusively been developed for SediPipe sedimentation systems by FRÄNKSICHE. Characteristics of the model are the residence time calculation of the water overflowing at a point in time t instead of a stationary flow rate, and the approach of using the sedimentation process depending on this residence time, as well as a long-term simulation. This model fundamentally considers the special flow separator technology by FRÄNKISCHE, which enables the optimum design of the system to create the essentially required plug flow as well as batch behaviour.

  • Development in direct cooperation with Dr.-Ing. G. Weiß (UFT)
  • Verification procedure to identify the separation performance of suspended solids AFS63
  • Performance verification according to the state of the art with regard to the requirements of DWA-A 102-2/BWK-A 3-2
  • Procedure validated by means of in-situ examinations
  • Verification procedure already known, recognised, and published in professional circles
DWA-A 102-2 requires powerful and efficient treatment systems.
DWA-A 102-2 requires powerful and efficient treatment systems.

FRÄNKISCHE has been doing long-term and sound development work for its treatment systems – together with recognised institutes. Our flow separator technology is a proven efficient operating principle and is the key to the success of our systems. It guarantees high and efficient separation performance of suspended solids AFS63.

  • Institut für Unterirdische Infrastruktur (IKT), Gelsenkirchen
  • Ingenieurgesellschaft für Stadthydrologie (ifs), Hanover
  • Technische Universität (TU), Delft
  • Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur (HTWK), Leipzig
  • Technische Universität (TU), Munich
  • Fachhochschule (FH), Münster
  • Landesgewerbeanstalt (LGA) Bayern, Würzburg
DWA-A 102-2 requires economical treatment systems.
DWA-A 102-2 requires economical treatment systems.

Due to the very versatile SediPipe product range, our treatment systems can be adjusted exactly to on-site requirements. Thanks to their very high efficiency, SediSubstrator systems with DIBt approval can be used for very critical contaminations, e.g., dissolved materials. Decentralised individual systems or centralised multiple systems can be easily implemented in various sizes with our compact and modular designs. The flexibility of planning guarantees individually adjusted solutions with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

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