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Pioneering electrical installation

Technology is our driver: We want to know how you can do it better, faster, and easier, and want to make our contribution to the history of electrical installation – each and every day. This is why we continue working on ourselves and on the very special strengths making the FRÄNKISCHE brand so successful on the market for generations.

Since the foundation of the enterprise, we have been following the developments of this industry and have been making technological history time and again. As the first flat screens hit the market, we designed the flat, practical multi-media conduit to conceal connection lines behind the wall.

More innovations from the recent history of FRÄNKISCHE – products that have now become classics – are underground Kabuflex cable conduits and the resealable Co-flex corrugated conduit. In the past decades, we set further trends in electrical installation with halogen-free and UV-stabilised conduits as well as highspeed conduits.

FRÄNKISCHE is ready to face the challenges of the future: Networks via optical fibre technology, artificial intelligence, sustainability, and data transport – we adjust our systems to the megatrends of our age.

FRÄNKISCHE is a pioneer, a trendsetter, and a quality leader – Generations of Genius.

Yesterday – today – tomorrow

Product developments under the banner of change: The history of modern electrical installation is closely linked to the history of FRÄNKISCHE. Development, production, and sales of conduits and accessories for the electrical industry run like a golden thread through the history of our family enterprise founded back in 1906. Today’s specialist knowledge in plastic and metal processing is based on over a century of experience. Metal insulation conduits for electrical installations coupled with the required accessories have been one of our core competences from the very beginning.

We have been making history in electrical installation for generations, and we are optimistic about the future.


Into the future with plastics: Eco-balanced electrical conduits

The eco-balanced co2ntrol electrical conduits support the trend towards environmentally conscious construction.

These plastic conduits are made of in-house manufactured recyclates and consume 60 percent less fossil material. In addition to this, they help save up to 47 percent of carbon dioxide per running metre as compared to conventional installation conduits.

Only genuine with the green stripe.

Find out more.

co2ntrol - Video


How are we going to work, live, travel, and communicate tomorrow?

The questions about our future way of life are closely connected with the great topics of our time – energy, digitization, globalisation, and ecology. Electrical installation, too, is subject to this massive change in dealing with resources, big data, or living environments. Being the "most high-energy" discipline at the construction site, it must meet a lot of new requirements. This can only be achieved if …

manufacturers, retailers, installers, and associations jointly evaluate new opportunities and potentials,

products and systems "Made in Germany" continue to be synonymous with safety at the construction site also in the future,

qualification of the electrical engineering experts becomes more significant again,

sustainability and energy transition do no remain fashionable terms but become specific objectives.

This exciting journey has long begun for FRÄNKISCHE: With own initiatives, projects and product developments under the banner of change.

Acts speak louder than words – this is the FRÄNKSICHE principle. And it has been for generations.