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Kabuflex® R

Kabuflex® R


Flexible coiled, cable duct in structured-wall design (corrugated outside with inner pipe) according to DIN EN 61386-24 with coupling (sandtight). Can be installed over long distances without using couplings and bends thanks to its coiled shape and flexibility, and in most cases serves as branch from larger installation units to buildings or signalling equipment.


Flexible duct or conduit for underground installations.


  • material: PE - nominal widths DN 40 - DN 200
  • manufacturing and testing according to DIN EN 61386-24
  • compressive strength class 450 (standard type)
  • length: coil 25 m and 50 m
  • standard colour: black (other colours and special qualities available on request)
  • flexible, with feed cord - zero halogen
  • couplings for sandtight connections (ST), watertight connections (WT) with profile sealing rings
  • CE


  • good stability and at the same time enormous flexibility
  • tight installation radii possible
  • easy on-site transportation and handling
  • optimum pipe cross-section in the bend area
  • quick installation without the need for couplings and bends
  • standard feed cord facilitates inserting the cable wire