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Locally perforated (LP), totally perforated (TP) and multi-purpose (MP) SN 4 PE-HD pipe, according to DIN 4262-1, type R2, in proven structured-wall design (corrugated outside, smooth inside); can be used according to RAS-Ew.


Drainage pipe for reliably draining roads, airfields, sports fields and when drainage pipes must meet increased requirements.


  • locally perforated (LP) pipe: nominal diameters DN 100 - DN 600
  • totally perforated (TP) pipe: nominal diameters DN 100 - DN 600
  • multi-purpose (MP) pipe: nominal diameters DN 200 - DN 400
  • with white crown marking
  • according to DIN 4262-1, type R2
  • colour: black
  • material: PE-HD
  • length: 6 m, with one coupling
  • sealing of multi-purpose (MP) pipes using profile sealing rings
  • total perforation area ≥ 50 cm2/m for LP, TP and MP
  • perforation width 1.2 mm +/- 0.4 mm
  • ring stiffness SN 4 according to DIN EN ISO 9969


  • high infiltration rate thanks to perfectly arranged perforation openings and low resistance to water infiltration
  • push-fit couplings provide for quick installation
  • extremely high degree of drainage thanks to smooth inner surface
  • structured-wall design provides for high compressive strength and impact strength
  • suited for HGV 60
  • temperature-resistant even at sub-zero temperatures
  • high UV resistance
  • quality-monitored
  • low weight and easy handling
  • economic installation