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Secure electrical installation with the ReMo click system

Reliable, time-saving and without tools

The ReMo click installation system is easy to process:

One specialist alone mounts the self-adhesive ReMo click rail that sticks to clean surfaces. Subsequently, the FFKu ReMo click plastic conduit profiled on both sides is clicked onto it thus creating a secure connection due to the patented clamp geometry. The high compressive strength of the conduit of 500 N/5 cm increases both crush-resistance and mechanical protection of cables and wires.

Applications of the ReMo click system:

  • Hot or cold weld lines

  • Cavity walls

  • Exterior facades

Radon prevention with the ReMo click system

FRÄNKISCHE’s ReMo click electrical installation system is processed without tools and thus prevents humidity and harmful radon from entering the building through the foundation slab. The reason: The electrical installation system is mounted onto weld lines by means of an adhesive rail without using any tools, which means that the sealing layer under the screed floor does not get damaged. This prevents humidity and radon from entering the building. In order to counter the invisible threat already during new construction or during renovation, the ReMo click system by FRÄNKISCHE is a recommended solution for electrical installations on sealed foundation slabs.

What is radon?
You can neither see it nor smell or taste it: the inert gas radon. This radioactive gas develops as a result of the decay of natural uranium and is released from the soil and rocks. Once released from the soil, it enters the inside of the building through cracks and leaks in the foundation. Depending on the region, building ground and housing situation, high concentrations can quickly develop in the room air. If the residents breathe in this inert gas in increased concentration over a longer period of time, the risk of lung cancer rises dramatically. According to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, radon is the second most common cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Installation on weld lines


Hot or cold weld lines that are used as sealing under screed floors as well as cavity walls are the most frequent application areas for the ReMo click system by FRÄNKISCHE. Thanks to the system installation by means of adhesion and clicking, the weld line does not get damaged during installation and there is no formation of cracks, joints or leaks in the foundation slab through which the dangerous gas and undesired humidity can enter the building.

Renovation & modernisation with the ReMo click system

The multi-media age rapidly changes our everyday lives: Today, home networks, film streaming and voice over IP applications are mostly a matter of course. To meet the requirements for electrical installations that keep on growing as a result of that, existing buildings need a fundamentally renewed electrical infrastructure in many places.

If an energy efficiency renovation of a building through a thermal insulation composite system is pending as well, the patented FRÄNKISCHE ReMo click system is the ideal solution:

It expands the electrical infrastructure between the façade and the thermal insulation composite system while protecting the fitness of the property for habitation from negative impact by dirt and dust. Positive statements from advisory opinions of independent examiners confirm that the ReMo click system in combination with a thermal insulation composite system meets all the requirements of the Model Building Regulation (Musterbauordnung – MBO) with regard to fire protection, stability and usability, thermal protection, rear flow and rear ventilation, as well as noise absorption.

Installation via the exterior façade


The ReMo click system saves time and costs of electrical installation: Thanks to the adhesive rail and clamp connection, the conduit can be installed by one specialist alone. The specialist attaches the ReMo click rail to the façade and then simply clicks the conduit onto it. There is no need for cumbersome and time-consuming drilling, milling or slotting in the masonry, and the inside of the building remains clean as well. Specialists can execute cross-floor electrical installations in combination with thermal insulation composite systems even in the area of fireproof barriers. Please observe the installation instructions.

Advantages of ReMo click

  • For renovation, modernisation, reconstruction as well as radon prevention

  • Simple click system

  • Self-adhesive to almost any surface

  • Easy to install by one person

  • For installation on weld lines, or in drywall and cavity wall construction

  • Infrastructure expansion via the exterior façade under thermal insulation composite systems

  • No dirt or dust – the house remains fit for living throughout