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alpex-duo® XS

eXtra Safety - easy, secure and future-proof

alpex-duo XS fittings provide specialists with a suitable solution for every installation situation. The ingenious fitting design and comprehensive selection in dimensions between 16 and 32 mm ensure easy and future-oriented installation.


Convince yourself of the advantages of our alpex-duo XS fitting in this video.

alpex-duo® XS fitting - High quality fittings

  • Flow-optimised: 30 percent larger cross-sectional surface as compared with conventional press fittings with leak function
  • Press jaw flexibility: 1 fitting – can be pressed with F- and TH-contour
  • Leak function
  • Superior materials: Fittings manufactured from high-performance PPSU plastic or dezincification-resistant lead-free brass CW724R
  • Large inspection holes for verifying correct positioning
  • Protected O-rings

Easy and secure installation

No calibration
No calibration

They are installed in three simple steps:

1. Cutting the pipe to length with a pipe cutter to ensure a cut at a right angle.
2. Fixing the fitting by inserting the base body into the end of the pipe. Verification through the inspection hole in the fixation ring.
3. Pressing pipe and fitting with a pressing tool.

Easy identification
Easy identification

The new alpex-duo XS fittings feature a unique laser engraving on the pressing sleeve. It lets you know at a glance that the fittings can be pressed with F- and TH-pressing contours - using all conventional and certified pressing tools. A clear advantage for the installer, who, in most cases, does not need to purchase new tools.

Future-proof quality

Material quality
Material quality

Lead-free and hygienically impeccable installations with alpex-duo XS:

  • PPSU - high performance plastic
  • CW724R - lead free premium brass
Enjoy greater flow rate
Enjoy greater flow rate

With up to 30 percent larger crosssectional surface as compared with conventional radial press fittings for  multilayer composite pipes, lower pressure loss is achieved, and large inside diameter of the pipes makes efficient and slim installation possible.

Compatible systems


Innovative push-fit fitting in dimensions from 16 to 26 mm with stainless steel sleeve.

alpex L

Multilayer composite system in large dimensions from 40 to 75 mm for drinking water and heating installations.

Benefits of the alpex-duo® XS system

The alpex-duo XS system is extremely durable and convincing due to its high load capacity and hygienic safety. All flow-optimised pipes and fittings can be installed in a space-saving manner, are easy to insulate and resistant to hot water of up to 95 °C. Utmost user-friendliness and efficient operation coupled with quality and highest possible safety – these are the goals we pursue and guarantee with our ongoing practice-oriented further developments.

30% larger cross section

press jaw flexibility

hygienically sound

compliance with german environment agency / drinking water ordinance

high continuous operating temperature

leak function

superior material quality


system compatibility

100% impermeable to oxygen

incrustation free

ideal wall thickness


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