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alpex complete solution for the wall connection

Mounting plate manufactured in-house from regrind


When installing drinking water pipes for sinks, showers, and bathtubs but also for washer or other individual connections, HVAC technicians can use the alpex wall connection. The alpex mounting plate manufactured in-house is made of regrind. The glass fibre reinforced plastic makes it lighter than conventional rails and also corrosion-resistant.

The universal bolts included in the delivery are unique and especially convenient and can be fixed in as many as three different ways. The wall mount elbows can be positioned flexibly thanks to the new 360° fixing option. The new Siphon-Fix, as well as the alpex sealing, which also serves as sound insulation, complete the wall connection set.

Product advantages

Manufactured in-house from regrind

Torsion-resistant as metal due to special design of the material.

Lightweight and robust: glass fibre reinforced plastic

Lighter than conventional rails and corrosion-resistant.

Ideal installation depth for insulations

An insulation thickness up to 13 mm can be realised for dimensions 16 and 20 mm and an insulation thickness up to 9 mm max. can be realised for dimension 26 mm.


Large labelling for quick installation

Easy installation thanks to large and clear labelling.


360° fixing of wall mount elbows

Connection components can be tightened in three different angles in a complete 360° turn.


One multi-purpose bolt – three fixing options

Unique multi-purpose bolt with three fixing options. AF 6, Z2 cross recess, and ¼ bit holder.


alpex sealing also provides noise separation

Noise separation and sealing sleeve in one. Tightness of wall lead-throughs in wet areas and clear separation of trades.


Flexibility thanks to Siphon-Fix

Our new Siphon-Fix ensures variable drain mounting and matches any installation situation.


Comprehensive alpex wall connection range

The range of products includes alpex mounting plates, mounting rail, sealing, insulation pad, and connection set.


Installation video


Lightweight, robust, and advanced: The alpex mounting plate is made of regrind.  The newly developed alpex wall connection is a solution that is easy to install and saves time when installing wall mount elbows for drinking water connections of sinks, showers, and bathtubs. The mounting plate for wall mount elbows covers any installation situation and leaves installers room for flexibility.



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